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Published : 14-03-2016, 18:34 | Category: Children

Everyday hairstyles for girls, especially pre-school and primary school age, optimally characterized by a combination of simplicity and practicality. For outdoor games and active pastime in the kindergarten or school, do not contribute to neatness hairstyles, so the basis for everyday hairstyles for girls dominate braids and tails, providing the most reliable hair fixing.

Hairstyles for Girls "every day" may consist of tails, braids or a combination of different levels of complexity. It is important that the hairstyle most "unruly" temporal and occipital strands have been well documented. Owners of hair below the shoulder blades handy two simple braid or french braid, starting from the temporal area. Girls with hair slightly below the shoulders, you can tie your hair in two tails at the temples, pulling them sturdy clasp or rubber band at the nape in a ponytail.

The mass of options both daily and festive hairstyles for girls allow you to create braids. Stylish and beautiful looks on the border braided hair growth on the French braid head circumference. But even ordinary French braid, braided strands of strung beads on them, will look festive. Even more interesting and diverse hairstyles for girls, you can create two or three dozen braids, braided strands of fine.

Starting from preschool age to create festive hairstyles girls can wind the hair on curlers. Especially since the hairstyle of hair with large curls or small curls is much easier to style. Curler is better to use soft and flexible - they do not interfere with sleep and not to spoil the hair. Removing the curlers, each strand is desirable to slightly moisten the mousse and sprinkle with varnish, fixing the curl. Slaughtered and put wavy strands can be both "artistic mess", and sticking to a particular pattern of hair. To consolidate the hairstyles of curled hair are ideal small simple gum-crab clips, studs with crystals and invisible.

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