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Published : 14-03-2016, 18:28 | Category: Style and Fashion

Doing hair, should take into account the shape of the face. If it is round, it is best to leave a few strands at the forehead and temples, so they hid his cheeks and face narrowed. Hair is better to collect on top, making a high hairstyle. So you visually extend the head and the roundness of your face will not be as noticeable. If the hair is thick and long, it is quite possible to leave them loose. Just decorate their unusual hairpin or rim - it will distract attention from your round cheeks.

If your face is triangular in shape, you are shown hairstyle with turned out hair ends. If the length curls to his shoulders or a little shorter, put locks with a hair dryer and a round brush, spinning from the face. Thus, the lower part of the face is equalized with the top, it will get the perfect shape. If you want to stab hair, select a few temporal strands and attach them to the top of a hairpin. Hair to comb a little better, to give them a handsome amount. This season is very fashionable jewelry from natural materials interspersed with informal elements - rivets, iron chains. If we can find a bobby pin, be sure to use it in my hair.

Women with a rectangular face is better to hide the forehead bangs. This will reduce the width of the face and smooth out sharp features. You better hair combed forward on his cheeks. If your hair is long, you can braid them very fashionable loose braid. Braid strands as usual, or "spikelet", leaving as much as possible the free ends. To keep a good hairstyle, sprinkle it with varnish. If you zapletete braid from one temple to the other, then the asymmetry hairstyles distract attention from the rough chin lines. Be sure to use beautiful hairpins and the original hairpin. These accessories will give you the necessary glamor.

If you have an oval face, you will go to absolutely any hair. Therefore, creating a laying, proceed from the other point - the shape of the ears, nose length, the height of the forehead. If longish nose, you can soften this point bangs. If the protruded ears, cover their hair. If the forehead is low, made of high hair, decorated with its original hairpin. Or remove the hair back using the rim - it will make the forehead open and high.

Doing stacking, rely on their own experience. You can certainly look for ideas in magazines and on their websites. But let this be only ideas that you leave room for imagination. Try to come up with a hairstyle that will go right for you and will not be a carbon copy of hairdressing standards.

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