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Published : 14-03-2016, 18:22 | Category: Health

Personal computer impact on human health began to talk back in the seventies of the last century, but these issues do not cease to this day. The computer is just as safe as other domestic appliances. However, as with other devices using a computer connected potential threat to our health. Considering the damage to your computer to human health, women's magazine JustLady celebrate major risk factors. These include:

• The effects of electromagnetic radiation;
• Problems with vision;
• Problems with the muscles and joints.

harm your computer
The degree of risk depends on the time that a person spends on the computer.

Let's start with vision problems. They are more or less familiar with virtually all PC users. So, the problems are manifested in the form of unpleasant sensations - blurred vision, cramps in the eyes, burning, headaches, pain in the eye movement. Thus, in this case, the computer harm human health most clearly manifested in the form. The fact that the image on the monitor "not present". That is, it is lit differently, have a different field than the same text, but written on paper. Of great importance is and how to organize the workplace: for lighting the wrong mode risk of vision problems is great. In addition, the eyes get huge load at perebeganii screen, for example, to the documents that lie side by side, and vice versa.

However, all is not as scary as it sounds, because the computer is a computer discord. JustLady Journal notes, the most eye-safe considered modern LCD monitors. Well, obsolete monitors, issued before 1997, with a diagonal of 14 inches are the most serious threat to health. the latest generation of monitors have virtually no drawbacks such as electromagnetic radiation. And it is known, does not add to our health. So, speaking about the computer harm to human health need to keep in mind what kind of computer in question.

Let us dwell on the phenomenon of electromagnetic radiation. After all, many people have this notion is associated with something, such as X-rays and computer damage on human health is mainly associated with the term. Electromagnetic radiation generated around any device that produces and consumes energy. This radiation can not hear, see or smell it, but it is still present everywhere. Although the computer harm to human health due to electromagnetic radiation has not been proved, people continue to believe that it is akin to a high-frequency form of radiation, causing the risk of cancer. Female JustLady magazine says: in relation to a computer monitor can not talk about the X-rays. With regard to radiation is very low and ultra low frequency that creates the computer, there is no consensus even among scientists.

People who make a living using a computer, often complain of the joints and muscle problems. Most often, they are expressed in the form of back pain, and shoulders, tingling in the legs, numbness of the neck. However, rare and more serious illnesses. Thus, because of the continuous operation carpal tunnel syndrome can occur on a computer - that is, hand nerve damage. In severe cases, people can torment severe pain, which deprive his ability to work.

Harm computer for children

JustLady Journal can not ignore the question of what the computer harm to children. In children, problems with muscles and joints due to a computer are rare, because even the most keen on is not carried out for the PC as long as the adult working people. However, adults should still keep an eye on how much time their child spends in front of the monitor is arranged his seat, he sits in what position. Female JustLady urges magazine: do not skimp on the monitor! It is fraught with problems for your child's vision.

Computer harm to children
To minimize harm to the computer for children, choose a modern monitors. Make sure that the refresh rate is not less than 70 hertz. Pay attention to the fact that the monitor is consistent with international protection standards (Low Radiation). It is advisable to put a computer in the corner to the radiation from the sides and behind the monitor went to the wall. Finally, JustLady magazine recommends limiting the time spent by a child in front of the screen. If the baby is not more than 4 years, it is not desirable to carry out in front of the computer for more than forty minutes. Younger students this time can be increased to one and a half to two hours. Remember and other basic rules that will reduce computer harm to the children and keep them healthy: Occupy child outdoor games and activities, and in the classroom before the monitor try to choose arcade games that require visual and muscular reactions, as well as puzzles and logic games.


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