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Published : 14-03-2016, 18:18 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Choosing a model that you can make depends on what the materials at hand you have. Rather, what the fabric is, at your disposal. Chiffon, lace, satin, cotton lining fabric, denim - all in your hands, or rather in your head, any fantasy can be easily put into practice.

So, you will need:
fabric, sewing magazines;
sewing machine, tracing paper, ruler, pencils;
scissors, thread, pins, crayons;
accessories, decorative ornaments, ribbons, Gum.

Evening top can be made with the help of black chiffon and guipure stretch. To carve the bodice rectangle of height 20 cm and a width of less than 4 centimeters, than your chest measurement. This is to ensure that the top does not fly with you. The length of the follow chiffon that length that you will be comfortable, and the width should be 20-30 cm higher than the volume of the breast. In this case, the wide part will need is gathered with a rubber band, so that it was stretched, so there is no need to sew a zipper. The guipure bodice and chiffon shelves stapled, stitched by a stamp top hem in half centimeters, can be processed at lower overlock seam or "zigzag". In the center of the bodice can fix rhinestones and sequins.

Top ready. Company he was skinny jeans, leggings, shoes with heels. Short skirts and shorts is not necessary to wear because the top is already attracting attention at the expense of the luminous fabric. Complete the image of jewelry and you're ready to party.

For summer sundress require lining fabric and chiffon with patterns. Cutting two rectangles of fabric lining - width, which is equal to the volume of the chest, plus 20 cm, length - 80 cm (depending on your height); Chiffon - the same size, plus 20 centimeters in width. We do free tailoring to sundress clung not, and did not need to do zipper or buttons. Sew side seams, treat, then put on top of the chiffon lining, fasten with pins. From the top edge pull back 20-23 cm shelf to draw a chalk line under the breast. Stitch the two fabric for this line, When sewing elastic band from the wrong side, whereby the fabric will gather. Instead, you can use gum-spandex yarn from the wrong side (wrap them onto the bobbin, put on the cap and attach the hook to the sewing machine). Now treat sundress top, tucking the fabric and hemming both at the same time, then obsheyte bottom. Straps can be made of decorative ribbons and tapes of it will turn out beautiful belt if to weave his pigtail and fasten it around the large beads. This belt is ideally looks at the hips or knotted under the breast.

This sundress summer is not hot, it is light, airy and unusual. It is possible to show off on a walk, in a cafe, even on the beach. Complete this model accessories - wooden bangles or earrings and pendants in the oriental style. Funny clutch and sandals complete the look.


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