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Published : 14-03-2016, 18:16 | Category: TREND FASHION

None of the garment is no such diversity of color, like a women's shirts in the cell: they can be just black and white, like chess or school notebook sheets, can be red and blue, green, white and burgundy and so on to infinity. Some models contain up to 15 shades. At the same time the checkered pattern of the good feeling does not arise Gypsy medley because the colors cleverly arranged and clearly divided into two colors - dark and light, making them more stringent optically.

What should wear women's shirt in the cage? The first answer - denim clothing: shorts, mini skirt, well, and, of course, themselves jeans. This is, without a doubt, it is reasonable. However, if you show great ingenuity, you can pick up a few other options. Shirts in the cell usually are made of fairly coarse fabrics matte: flax, cotton, or their derivatives. Therefore, a woman's shirt in the cage is not necessary to pick up shiny, silk, light fabric, except when you play on the contrast, for example, on some models of Dolce & Gabbana this season. In addition, it is not necessary to combine women's shirt in the cage with the article of clothing containing a bright print or drawing, as color and image load is too large. So, what is best suited to a plaid shirt? Simple linen or cotton pants, skirt deep tones, the best option - black or white. For shirts "under the plaid" preferred dark green or dark bardovye attributes.

One of the simplest variations - black and white cage as models of Rebublic and Ted Baker, or blue and white, as, for example, by Wrangler. This option someone may seem boring, but if you can add a bright elegant accessory, for example, shoes or bag in sporty style, it will look very impressive. By the way, well-designed hairstyle to your outfit: loose hair or surround the square rather more simple beams and "tails."


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