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Published : 14-03-2016, 14:37 | Category: STYLISH THINGS

If the jacket has spots, they should withdraw before washing. Apply the stain remover on contaminated sites that will not damage the material. Therefore, before using check carefully what is written on the label jacket. There should be the mark that is the cleansing is not prohibited.

Slight pollution effectively displayed dishwashing liquid. It relates to a fabric carefully without damaging coloring and structure. Spots of blood can be removed with cold water and soap. Traces of the foundation disappear under the influence of rubbing alcohol.

Jacket with polyester fiber filler can be washed by hand. It is not recommended to soak before washing the product. Hang the jacket on a hanger over the bath. Clean the foam sponge material and gel for washing delicate fabrics or other cleaning agent in the composition which does not include bleach and dyes. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water from the shower hose.

Sinteponovye jacket can be washed in the machine-gun. Remove small objects from pockets. During washing, they can damage the material. You can put the jacket into a special cloth bag. So you can prevent fractures.

Select mode or gentle hand washing and the temperature is not above 30 ° C. It is advisable not to use washing powder. He did not completely dissolve in water, so the fabric clogs pores. In addition, it is poorly rinse, so on the clothing are unpleasant divorce. Prefer liquid detergents. Furthermore, if the dark color coat, rinse several times.

Dry sinteponovye jacket preferably in expanded state on a towel. If this is not possible, hang it on a hanger. Dry jacket at room temperature and away from radiators and direct sunlight.


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