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Published : 14-03-2016, 14:30 | Category: NEW FASHION

There are things that create a full ensemble, are not accessories, but if you do not take them into account, you can create a whole image you will never succeed. You can not go to the coat and bare feet? So, an indispensable part of your wardrobe is Boots, boots, ankle boots or shoes. And they also have a style, color, style. When choosing accessories for a brighter coat, first of all, it is worth considering how shoes you will wear it. Maybe you'll get some very different "bows".

For an easy and romantic way in which you combine coat with shoes, good fit light silk scarves and stoles, sunglasses, little purses. An energetic way, based on a coat and boots, gloves, and require more bulk bags. In order to keep the color balance, you can mix the color accessories. For example, the scarf and handbag can be sustained in one color and goggles, gloves and boots - in the other. Remember, scarf and shawl so you can engage in different ways and refined unit is presently a full accessory.

To a pale pink coat well suited things are designed in light brown, coral, olive, blue and gray tones. In order to give your wardrobe a chic and bold look, try adding accessories in shades of aubergine and burgundy. For a more lyrical way of suitable ivory, fuchsia and lavender.

For lavender coat, if you want to look modern and simply add black and white accessories. Well with this coat will combine a deep chocolate color, pearl gray and golden-pink. If you want to look energetic, try to find the right shades of green. If you need air, delicate, multi-image combining different shades of purple.

By the pale green suit coat gold, cream and light shades of brick. The so-called French blue, give your look is very feminine and flirty look.

Decorate the lapels of your coat stylish brooch. This may be the product as an abstract or a flower or a miniature animal subject. To decoration does not violate the entire image, consider the mood you want to create. If you want to be strict and elegant lady, can hardly pin on the lapel of a bobby pin in the funny faces and to the air and romantic appearance did not fit vanguard brooch.

Pick a stylish hat, beret or shawl. It all depends on the style coat, and what kind of hats are for you. It is important that the hat does not "outweigh" the coat. If you have her short coat, do not buy a hat with a wide brim. But if you have long, flowing draped coat, and a hat that can be much more difficult.

Never choose accessories to coat the same color as it is itself, because they will not stand out against its background and merges it with them and lose style.

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