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Published : 14-03-2016, 14:24 | Category: YOUR STYLE

"Bandidas." Work option. It's simple, elegant way. It includes suit with vertical stripes, zebra, pants with suspenders, a black shirt with a white tie or a butterfly. An indispensable element of a hat. Forget about bodily stockings - only black. Here you can add a little bit of modern fresh wave: boots with high heels, leather fingerless gloves, leather jacket. A small admixture of glam rock, too, reflects the gangster style.

"Secular gangster lady". A party. This is a more feminine look, but soaked in luxury, much like the style of "vamp". If the hair - the cold wave with clear contours. If the make-up, all in strict lines, lip color - red flawlessly. Choosing a dress, you need to take into account that "gangsta lady" should not only be elegant, it should blow from the cool, inviting luxury. There is a stereotype that the dress be sure to be on the floor, but this is not true. If you want to achieve full style detail, it is certainly better to choose an open back and long to the ankles, because at that time did not wear short skirts. But in principle it is possible to stay on a silk cocktail dress, the main thing - supplement it with bright detail - a fur coat, or boa cape. The colors in the clothes lead red, yellow, green, blue, white, steel. Outside the competition - deep black.

Do not forget about accessories. There is already your imagination can roam from large rings with the image of a tiger's head to stretch strict gloves. But the most fashionable accessory at the time was, of course, the mouthpiece.


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