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Published : 14-03-2016, 14:19 | Category: BEAUTY

Spend for scalp treatments three to four times a month. If your hair is severely damaged, it is possible the participation of the procedure up to two times a week. Remember that the mask by themselves can not solve the problem of hair. Condition hair - a true indicator of the state of health in general, so we must begin to follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle.
For treatments at home, you will need a plastic cap and a towel or warm hat. The most simple and effective means for masks include egg yolk, alcohol, honey, vegetable oil (sea buckthorn, olive, castor, burdock), glycerin, whey powder, henna, rye bread. Engorged scalp useful substances contained in these products, and this will help it to trap moisture and provide a moisturizing hair roots.

Shampoo effectively cleans scalp and hair from pollution, but also very dry them. Replace shampoo once or twice a week, an egg yolk, a mask of black rye bread or yogurt. Take one large or two medium-sized egg yolk, put in a cup, put a cup for a few minutes in hot water, use egg yolks instead of shampoo.

For a mask of black bread, take 150-200 g of product, soak in a little hot water, put a lot on the scalp before showering, then simply wash off with water. You can also use and yogurt.

If your hair and scalp strongly overdried, make a mask of glycerol (a teaspoon), castor oil (2 tablespoons), yolk and vinegar (a teaspoon). Apply on the skin and hair, put on a shower cap, wrap a towel and hold for about forty minutes. Rinse shampoo mask.

This mask can be used when dry, and oily hair. Prepare a mask of egg yolk, a teaspoon of any alcohol, a teaspoon of honey and olive oil. Mix and apply on the scalp, gently rubbing the tips of his fingers. Put the plastic cap from the top to tie the towel, soak 15 minutes. If the scalp is oily, you can not add oil.


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Everyone knows that in the majority of permanent hair dyes...
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