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Published : 14-03-2016, 14:15 | Category: YOUR STYLE

Cracks in the hands - is not only ugly, it is, first of all, it hurts. Sometimes, the cracks are very deep, so that even the blood appears. So why cracked skin on the hands? The reasons can be many - from a lack of vitamins A and E to skin reactions to household chemicals. Usually, the problem is compounded, the skin first becomes very dry in the winter, and then cracked skin on the hands. And suffer from it more often than women. Is there a way out? Of course!

First we need to teach yourself to do cleaning chores with rubber gloves. Council seems trivial, but how often women forget about it. Yes, and it did not seem to want to wear gloves when cases something: dust mop, sweep the floor, but rinse the dishes. It would be good, before putting on gloves grease hands with glycerin - and make cleaning your hands and "Feed".
Second - never go outside without gloves. Even if the street is not very cold. Before leaving, be sure to smear moisturizer. It is advisable to enrich the cream with essential oils. To do this, squeeze the cream on the palm and add 5 drops of essential oils basics - for this suit almond oil, jojoba oil, peach pits, olive oil, mix well and rub into the skin.

The skin on the hands can crack if the body do not have enough fluid. Therefore, the winter should drink two liters of water. Just be nice to put in the house humidifiers, in extreme cases - plates with water on the battery.

If you have a couple of minutes in the evening to yourself, to start rasparte skin if cracks are not deep, clean pen scrub for hands, rinse in chamomile broth. On the night smear fat cream, preferably children with vitamin A, wear cotton gloves and go to bed.

why cracked skin on hands

Also, if cracked skin on hands, you can treat yourself to a special masks for hands.

Recipe №1

Boil a couple of potatoes, crushed, add milk and a tablespoon of olive oil. The resulting mass is to rub your hands and hold the mask 15 minutes, then rinse and smear your hands greasy cream.

Recipe №2

5 g roots Potentilla grind. Put in a water bath of 50 gram of butter, melted, add the resultant powder. Rub into skin, leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse in broth chamomile.

Recipe №3

A piece of a black pencil crush and mix with children fat cream. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the skin. Cracks drag on for three days.

If the cracks are deep, and it becomes easier not from ointments, female site JustLady advises to make the tub with flaxseed. It heals the skin perfectly, making e soft and supple. So, a tablespoon of flax seed fill with boiling water, put on a slow fire and cook for 5 minutes, insist about an hour, strain, mix with fat cream and omit to hand. After 10 minutes, it takes out, dried and lubricate the skin moisturizer. It can also help in healing and bath with the starch. Per liter of water is taken tablespoon of starch, stir thoroughly and let down his hand minutes 20. After that give hands to dry millet, starch residues accurately shoot cloth and lubricate your hands cream.

Regarding cream. It can be made at home, and it will be great to cope with cracks on their hands. So, if you crack the skin on the hands, then go to the kitchen to cook cream darling handles: calendula, chamomile, plantain and a string of 1 table to fill in a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water and infuse for about 6 hours, then the infusion drain, rub with 4 tablespoons tablespoons butter until creamy, add 1 tablespoon of honey. The cream in the refrigerator and rub every day in your hands at night.

And finally, the most efficient and easiest option. We go to the pharmacy. Buys oil solution of vitamin A and E, and rub them into the skin. As well as take in. Just oily solutions can enrich any hand cream. This is done very simply. The empty jar squeezing hand cream, add the oil to the vitamin solutions and use at your leisure.

If all of the above does not work, then you need to consult a dermatologist. Cracking skin on the hands often with neurodermatitis and psoriasis. As experts say that this could be symptoms of intoxication from lyamly. Or banal mold. Dermatologists will determine why cracking skin on the hands, and tell us how to be treated in each case. And write out the necessary ointment.

And very, very last recommendation. If cracking skin on the hands, look closely at the household chemicals in the house. Maybe - it's an allergic reaction to the new. If something of the detergent is in doubt - get rid. Our mothers and grandmothers because somehow got along without a whole arsenal of cleaning products? And we can. Health is more important. And the beauty of our hands - only in our own hands.

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