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Published : 21-02-2016, 22:07 | Category: NEW FASHION

Basic steps
All exercises can be started on either the right or left foot, after each exercise-changing sequence. Starting position - feet on the floor, connected together.

Top-up (top). Right foot to stand on a step. The left leg is put to right by touching it heels. Return the left foot to the floor. Put on the floor right leg. Done on 4 counts.

Basic step (basic step). Step on step one foot (right), step - second. Now turn to step to tap dance on the floor, first right, then left foot. Performing motion - 4 score.

Step-touch (touch-Step). Step right foot to the side. Then the left foot to put to the right, stop - on the toe. The movement is carried out on 2 accounts.

V-Step (Step by the letter "V"). Step right foot to the right-most edge of the steppe. Step left foot - on the left-most edge of the platform. Step back to the starting position of the right foot. The same - the left. Done on 4 counts.

Knee lift, Knee up (bend up). Step right foot on the step. The left leg lifted up: knee stretches to the left shoulder. Return left leg to the starting position. The same is to do the right foot. Runs on 4 counts.

Curl (tie-in). Step right foot on the step. Left foot - backswing: toe must touch the left buttock). Left foot - to the starting position. Then - right foot on the floor. Movement - 4 score.

Step-kick (Mach foot forward). Step right foot on the step. Direct left foot - max forward. Return the left foot to the floor. The right leg - to the starting position. Runs on 4 counts.

It is important to know

- All exercises are done face-to-step platform: it should stand in front of you;
- Your knees should always be slightly bent, feet - shoulder-width apart, feet - apart;
- Body - like a string: forward, back, without slouching, stomach sucked in myself, tense buttocks, shoulders are straight, chin slightly raised.

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