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Published : 21-02-2016, 22:04 | Category: News

To determine whether your operation is simply necessary. Lie on your back and extend your legs. In this position, form X leg is quite normal. Bend your legs - thigh should be parallel. The normal curvature of the legs with respect to the vertical position while the load should not be more than 15 degrees. If the curvature of your legs more than 15 degrees, surgery can not be avoided. If less, then you have just bad capsular ligaments and correct the shape of the feet, you can use the gym and massage.
Doing exercises on a daily basis should be not too lazy, and not sparing himself straightening the legs. If you do not want to bother such classes - love yourself for who you are and do not return more to this issue.

1. The first exercise is very simple. Tie the legs in three places. Better make it a nice scarf or other cloth that does not cut the skin. Sit down and straighten your legs. Try to reach your hands up socks, while in any case do not bend your back. At this point, your pelvis reconstructed in the right position for straight legs. Over time, you will feel the clicking of. Do not worry, this is normal and does not hurt.

2. To make the legs straight you need to rebuild the whole body in a new way. The spine plays a significant role. Most hang on the bar. Do not jump sharply with him, because on the bar, he stretched and straightened, and at the time of landing becomes sharply back at the same time ruining your back.

3. It should be how to "shake" the bones of the pelvis, or the effect of exercise, you will not see. Very well to belly dance. If you are unable to attend school dances, then Do it yourself. Through training videos on the internet, you can easily understand the basics of oriental dance.

4. Become barefoot on the floor. Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width. Slowly squat 10 times. Do not forget about the rest. When this exercise will be for you a more or less light, begin to do the same on tiptoes.

5. Get on hands and knees and bend your knees. Sitting with the calf does not need, and on the floor. This exercise stretches the muscles, making them not crumpled and inflated, and the long and beautiful.

6. Lie on your back. Uprites knees bent legs against the wall and push it for 10 seconds. Do this exercise 10 times with an interval of 5 seconds. If you do not be lazy and do not complain about the rather tedious exercise, the result is not long to wait.

Be careful! Exercises with dragging feet should be done with the agreement of the surgeon, otherwise you may damage the joints. Regarding the rest of exercise consult a good coach. Otherwise, you have a chance to pump up the muscles of the opposite side and the curvature of your legs can become even more noticeable.


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