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Published : 21-02-2016, 22:00 | Category: BEAUTY

Older people can learn the exercises for two or three months, and the kids will learn information technology much earlier. It is necessary to take into account the nuance that attempts to catch the full splits are contraindicated to the people who are subject to certain diseases spine; having cracks in the bones of the pelvis, legs, or high blood pressure.
In addition, if a person starts to feel a little bit worse, learning ways to do the splits, it is imperative to stop the activity. But what may be a useful implementation of such exercises in the walls of your own home? For example, the fact that the process of development of both simple and sophisticated training would be easier, comfortable and, of course, timely. In addition, it will be much stronger and more flexible muscles, decrease the risk of purchase stretching tendon injuries and other muscle tissue obtained by injuries and falls.

But the splits at home? First of all, we should recognize the undeniable fact that the land on a full splits on the first day of classes should not be, because you can injure your muscles. You must first carefully prepare and carry out a certain amount of training. For the most effective implementation of the preparatory process, which can take more than one week, to employment should begin only after warming up the muscles. To promote warm-up of muscle tissue can walk or a warm bath.

In the role of the main exercises are the sorts of kick their feet. Perform them quite simple: you need to move the total own body weight on one leg, and the second lift to the maximum height. Do not worry if it does not turn initially leg raised above the level of their own zone. Over time, it should try to achieve the main goal - to raise each leg above the level of his shoulders. Mahi should be carried out to the side, back and forth. His back and legs should be kept straight when performing strides.

The second type of activities involves the slopes to the floor. Wherein one leg must be placed on any surface that is flush with the belt human. Then change the leg. Do not worry if at the beginning it does not turn to perform this exercise adequately. But to do it must be punctually.

The third type of training is the need to sit down on the string until the until will occur pain. Perform any of the above exercises should be a day, giving them a half hour. After a couple of weeks of training, you can be the first to enjoy the results.

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