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Published : 21-02-2016, 21:48 | Category: STYLISH THINGS

In the category Fashion trends: the color pink clothes, pink dress, a combination of pink color in the clothes, the colors combined with pink, pink color value

skinny jeans are so named because of its ability to swift legs so tightly that become like a second skin (skin - skin in English). Initially narrow tight pants are an essential element of a man's wardrobe, or rather the military. Tights have been popular since the XVII century, they were made of leather and elk were so narrow that they can be put only in the wet state. Then they dried up, effectively oblegaya muscles in the legs and leaving scrapes and wounds after removal. It is known that this is due to Nicholas I could not leave the palace for a few days after the parade. Since the XIX century, there is a more gentle version of stretch pants - leggings. First of all, they are administered in the cavalry, where opportunities seriously grate leg much more.

But back to the modern world. Men are pretty cool to stretch pants, can not be said about women. This queen slim female skinny - Kate Moss. It was she who gave them a second wind, lifting to the heavens high fashion, making a simple, but very narrow and tight jeans with one of the most important elements of not only normal but a woman's wardrobe, and most collections of haute couture.

This season, women's skinny could not be more relevant: in spite of the fact that we will not see them at shows Gucci, brand, traditionally using tight pants and jeans (this year they preferred the thin silk fabrics) for the popularity of jeans skinny can compete only long dresses, conquered the catwalks of Milan and Paris.

skinny women
What are the main features of tight women's jeans, fashion in the spring season - summer 2010? First of all, accentuation on military subjects: metal lining in the style of military armor of the XVII century in the collection of new, almost entirely "jeans" brand Acne, leather pockets and long application "under saddle" from Balenciaga. Balmain and Just Cavalli offer scuffed torn tight women's jeans in a modern military style: wide pockets on the knees, stains from chemical burns, cuts roughly sewn. The collection of Dolce & Gabbana in 2010 considering the slim jeans in their original environment: cowboys in worn, torn in some places farmers pants deep blue combined with warm brown skin tight jeans and camouflage coloring in dark-brown and gray tones. Dominated by two trends: tight slim jeans with a low waist (priority last year, but some designers still leave it unchanged), or vice versa - with a highly inflated, supplemented with a wide belt or girdle - a novelty this year.

skinny jeans
pictured: skinny jeans Acne
skinny women
pictured: skinny jeans Balenciaga
tight jeans
pictured: skinny women from Balmain
skinny jeans for women
pictured: narrow women's jeans Just Cavalli
From what to wear tight jeans in this season? First of all, let us turn to the collection: in addition to skinny designers offer as tight tops, shirts and t-shirts Military style: military prints, holes, cuts, abrasions, and to them jackets or coats in the same vein: army badges, metal plates , accentuated shoulders with the trappings of rank and distinction marks. No bright colors! All in gray, dark green and brown tones. The brightest hues in dark blue tones, sometimes diluted with a little more pronounced accessories and leather appliqués.

Female JustLady magazine draws attention to the shoes: once on the brink of war, with nothing to wear skinny jeans? Of course, with boots, in the best case - with military boots. Well, if you can not resist the high heels - and will fit these weapons! In most cases, jeans tucked inside, but sometimes there are flaps or collected in the folds of the elbows. Particular attention to the belts, if the waist is too high, it is a wide leather belt, or in the style of Dolce & Gabbana and Balenciaga numerous folds and assembly. For low waist is perfect for a narrow band of black leather with metal studs or soft brushes and fringe.

Attention, women's magazine JustLady warns wrongly chosen skinny jeans may be the cause of a rather unpleasant disease, so with all possible attention concern the choice of garment: during fitting make several broad steps, jump in place, place feet as though in the splits. The first time after purchase listen to the sensations: the real skinny jeans slim cut, completely repeating bends down, they do not reap, cause redness and irritation of the skin. Be sure to check the quality of the material and fabric dye. Always remember that it is better to spend time for the fitting of several couples, than to not wear jeans at all!

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