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Published : 21-02-2016, 21:45 | Category: SECRET STYLE

Sew Petticoat usually made of cotton, tulle, lace, silk and mesh. The simplest style of Petticoat - "Tatyanka" ie sosborennaya wide skirt. Add to your wardrobe this magical thing, sew it yourself.

To start, determine the length Petticoats. It can be flush with the bottom basic skirt or longer, if the fabric is lace. Measure the circumference of the hips, multiply by three and add a couple of centimeters at the seam. Calculate the fabric consumption: the width should be at least half a meter.

Then determine the type of tissue petticoats. Texture depends on the material of the skirt - the thinner the basic fabric, the stiffer should be petticoats. Note that the model "Tatyanka" sewn from lighter fabrics, because not cut out on the bias and has a lot of assemblies at the waist.

Prepare tissue otgladte it fallow, not to the village after the first washing, measure out the desired length, cut. It turns a simple rectangle. Do not forget about SEAM. Neaten side seam or double. Fold the side edges of the fabric facing up and wide Stitch seam to four centimeters. Trim cuts. Remove the inside seam, lay the second line at a distance of six centimeters from the edge of the seam and otgladte.

Then treat the top slice vpodgibku seam, leaving the distance between the start and end of lines for one and a half centimeters gum. Make two or three stitches for double or triple gum. With safety pin prodernite gum seam and sew the ends. Deal with the lower section of the same seam vpodgibku, only wider, so that the bottom of the skirt is well kept lush shape. Try to form a more rigid fixation of the skirt sewn into the lower section of the line or a special plastic strip corset - rigelin.


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