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Published : 21-02-2016, 21:39 | Category: Popular

Traces of hair dyes on the skin can be removed by special flushing means. It is sold in large supermarkets or stores of cosmetic products. This means it makes sense to buy if you regularly dye your hair at home. Before use, check the seller or read carefully the enclosed instructions.

Fresh stains from ink is easily washed off with soap and water. In a container, pour warm water and add a small amount of liquid soap or shampoo. Moisten a cotton ball and wipe the skin contaminated with hair dye. When the spots disappear, wash with soap under running warm water.

If the paint has started to eat into the skin, prepare a mixture of 2 teaspoons of baking soda and a few drops of water. As a result, should get a soft paste. Apply the mixture on the painted areas of the skin and gently rub. Baking soda effectively removes dirt of various kinds. If you have no desire or free time to prepare the tool, use a scrub ready.

ink droplets that fall on the clothes, can be derived in the following manner. As soon as possible to remove from a thing, turn on the wrong side of the damaged section and rinse under running water. Then apply on the trail on the spot a little stain remover or liquid dishwashing detergent, clean old toothbrush and rinse in plenty of water. After the wash the clothes in the washing machine with a highly active powder. To clean the white stuff, use bleach.

A spot of paint on the upholstery foam with a damp sponge from outside to inside. Then apply a small amount of heated glycerin on the trail of stains and clean the brush. At the end treat the cloth with a 5% sodium chloride solution with a few drops of ammonia.


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