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Published : 21-02-2016, 21:35 | Category: Style and Fashion

To clean the white skin, prepare a soap solution. In a container, pour lukewarm water - no higher than 30 ° C, and add a little liquid soap or hair shampoo.
Clean the leather product foam sponge soaked in the solution. Then rinse off the suds with a damp microfibre cloth and dab with a cotton towel. Dry the skin at room temperature, away from radiators. In this way, an excellent result can be achieved if the product was not originally heavily polluted.

Products made of patent leather can be cleaned with aviation gasoline. Moisten a cotton pad in the solvent and treat the soiled areas. When finished cleaning, wipe the skin with a damp cloth microfiber.

To bring in the order of white skin there is the old national way. Clean the bulb from the peel, cut in half and rub the juicy side thing.

To display the grease stains, use oxygen bleach. Stir in warm water facility - concentration specify on the label, soak a cotton pad and clean the skin. When you have finished processing the product, wipe clean with a damp microfibre cloth.

You can return the whiteness of the skin in the following way. Mix 100 ml milk 1 egg white. Apply the resulting solution on the skin and dry thoroughly.

If the skin appeared traces of a ballpoint pen, use rubbing alcohol. Moisten a cotton pad in the vehicle and attach to the spot on 30 minutes. After this time, treat the contaminated area from the periphery to the center. When the stain is dissolved, rub the skin with a damp foam sponge and blot with a paper towel.

Buy a special tool for cleaning white leather. It can be found in retail stores of leather and fur, as well as in shoe stores. Foaming detergents that are part of the drug, effectively remove any contamination.


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Date: 19.06.17
Status: | Author: ozinum , Guests
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