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Published : 20-02-2016, 22:13 | Category: ACCESSORIES

As is often the case that it is safe, adult self-esteem may plummet to the level of self-deprecation. This happens as a result of betrayal of a close friend or husband, as well as the loss of his beloved work.

Let us look at how to improve self-esteem women who were already in middle age, and what factors affect it?

How to increase self-esteem a woman? 15 useful rules
1. Always be open to new, try to spend every day for yourself the most interesting and informative. Speak to new opportunities and hobbies "YES"! Discover a surprising facets, become as a child - a lively and inquisitive.

2. Do not be afraid of failures and errors. It is not wrong, only those who do nothing. Just be afraid to ask for help or advice. You can not know everything in the world and there is no shame in that, on the contrary, by asking questions, you demonstrate your interlocutor desire to grow and move forward, in addition you save your own time and energy on solving things you do not understand.

3. Watch for their appearance. Woman in all circumstances of life should be well-groomed and toned. Engage in sports, change hairstyle, go to the manicure room and update your wardrobe. By investing time and money in your body, you will not only become even more seductive, but also to strengthen your spirit.

4. to pay due attention to their health. Remember that the disease is easier to prevent - the long and tedious to treat. Besides the sick person is much harder to raise their self-esteem.

5. Do not forget to praise yourself and indulge for any though not a great success. Collect their achievements, their desirable even record and periodically review a good book.

6. Allow yourself to be loved is not ideal. Do not blame yourself for all the ills of the world, leave this cross masochist - you do not have to do it right and please everyone, without exception, even the sun has spots!

7. Treat yourself with respect, but do not get carried away by self-pity. Pity - destructive! Remember that you are strong, and the need to pity the weak.

8. Give up the gloomy thoughts and fears like a bad habit. Almost all of our fears are not justified and are far-fetched, but they prevent us to make the right decision, impede the development of the individual, and even destroy it. Try to look at the world positively. Life is Beautiful and amazing! And if you believe it, then change itself magically.

9. Do not put yourself not achievable goals, and do not compare yourself with other more successful people. In addition to the frustration and jealousy is not something you will not. Better to remember yourself and compare yesterday with today, as well as Praise yourself for these changes.

10. Be open and grateful for every experience of life, even if it is negative for you. Instead of having to lament, "as it could happen to me?" Analyze what you taught it to give, and this was a lesson for what you need?

11. If you feel bad, help that - someone even worse. Do good even in small things, even if no one will appreciate and will not replace. Feed the hungry kitten, buy an old neighbor of fruits and talk to her about the weather. Give your old things in a nursing home or in a family in which they will not be superfluous. Believe me, doing good, you are thereby not only are giving hope for the best for those who need it, but also to help themselves. After all, what goes around - comes around, and it returns good.

12. If you are alone, the head of a cat or dog. Dedicated and loving living being will fill your house with joy and positive.

13. Do not pasuy to difficulties. Firstly, any problems are solvable and not as scary as it seems. And secondly, overcoming them, you become only stronger, wiser and more experienced.

14. Zaim habit to bring the follow through, not postponing it indefinitely. Not finish things destroy our self-esteem and reduce their own authority in their own eyes.

15. Most importantly, treat yourself with a sincere love. Remember that you deserve the best! Appreciate yourself, spoil and cherish. For you that you are!

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