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Published : 20-02-2016, 22:04 | Category: ACCESSORIES

And indeed, many scientists are of the opinion that a healthy diet can increase life expectancy at exactly half. And really, we do not dream about their own longevity, health and beauty? Take care of yourself and your family's so simple - it is necessary to review some of its gustatory habits.

Well, it's fair to say that today, to establish healthy eating really is not all the strength, especially to those people who have a weak will. What we see when we go to the cafe, shop, supermarket? A huge number of shelves with a variety of semi-finished goods, did not require time and effort to prepare. As well as an incredible amount of sweets that are harmful not only for the figure, but also for health.

The most interesting thing - the less we are making efforts to cooking, the less healthy we become. In addition, people somehow have less to monitor their weight. And it's not even load up the habit for the future - this is the usual excesses in eating.
In order to eat properly, not enough to limit portions. In addition, a healthy diet - it is in any case no diet. On the contrary, many diets for weight loss are nothing like the wrong food, or rather unbalanced and unhealthy diet.

How to build your diet to foods benefited? First, to properly distribute the carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The nutrition prime rate goes up on carbohydrates - there should be no more than 60%. This amount of carbohydrate necessary to saturate our bodies with energy. Fats and proteins should form with 20% of the total diet.

But carbohydrates are different. Do not lean on buns - should eat porridge, bread, vegetables - they will be filled us with energy, but will not add extra weight.
In addition, it should pay attention to the fact that today we take for food too much unnecessary fat. What you used to fry in a large amount of oil, try to bake or cook on the grill. You'd be surprised, but the food will not only be useful - it will be tastier!

In order to organize a healthy diet, you should revise more in their eating habits. For example, there can be as many fruits, vegetables and herbs. Try to take vegetarian food at least five times a day in small portions. This is very true at least half of this norm to eat raw.

Be sure to eat whole grain products - it activates and configures the correct operation of the stomach. Also, do not forget about dairy products - in any case we can not allow leaching of calcium from bone. But do not buy products with too high a fat content - the extra calories we do not need. But low-fat products are not able to do much good, so stop your choice on the golden mean. Total 100 grams of cheese per day can give you a daily rate of calcium.

Less eat vegetable fats - butter useful for children, not adults. Your diet should be unsaturated fats - ie vegetable and olive oil.

Limit the use of alcohol, give up alcoholic drinks. Fifty grams of wine will not hurt you, but do not get involved in this. Try to reduce salt intake. First, it stabilizes the pressure, and, secondly, will excrete excess liquid.

Do not be afraid that healthy food is too monotonous - on the contrary - you are free to eat any kind of food, but in a reasonable amount. Not going to happen is nothing wrong if you sometimes allow yourself to eat a piece of chocolate, but if you start to have breakfast chocolate bars, you quickly will type weight and spoil the teeth and stomach.

Remember, we need food, both in the vehicle, giving us energy, and not as in the method of self-consolation and relaxation.


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Date: 04.10.16
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