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Published : 20-02-2016, 21:40 | Category: Health

Are office workers are doomed to non-standard dimensions of the figure, and a bunch of diseases? If nothing changes in the form of his life, such a prospect threatens virtually every office worker.
How not to get better at work. About nutrition "in haste"
Food office worker is different from the diet of the average person. It usually serves fast food - sandwiches, burgers, breakfast cereals. If you count the calorie content of such foods, the amount of calories eaten is shown respectable number.
If this food is more situational, it's not so bad. And if it has become a practice, you will soon be able to greet you at a stomach ulcer, and gastritis, too, love you, not abandon you, and cholecystitis.
Today, fast food system, or "fast food" - is another source of extra kilos and, oddly enough, the food in such establishments is a human relationship, not worse drug. Regular clients of such institutions and offices are employees.
Studies have shown that the power in the institutions of this type contributes to imbalance of hormones that are responsible for the feeling of satiety from foods eaten. And as a result, it is eaten by a large number of rolls c cholesterol chops, all washed down with sugary soda, but this man, after a short period of time, again wants to eat. A large number of calories, but the constant presence of hunger - the faithful companions of the power supply.
How not to get better at work. Coffee and tea
Probably hard to find a man whose morning would not have started with a cup of hot coffee or a cup of tea with lemon or not.
In office workers prefer coffee but also tea bags on duty there. It's not the discovery that a cup of coffee is able to work a miracle for the employee (with fatigue and sleep is not a trace remains). Of course, there will be, in fact established that a single cup of coffee contains 50-150 milligrams of caffeine. Incidentally, present in coffee and other "refreshing" of a substance. However, excessive consumption of coffee increases in blood cholesterol levels, thus causing various liver diseases.
Tea also has a tonic effect on the human nervous system with caffeine, which is found in its leaves, in greater numbers than coffee beans. However, it is not necessary to use too often flavored teas, with the exception of natural flavorings.
How not to get better at work. Office diet
For people busy working in the office, the most important meal is breakfast. So do not be lazy and prepare yourself busy, but at the same time a healthy breakfast. For example, it can be porridge or scrambled eggs, a little meat, yogurt with granola and coffee with a small piece of chocolate (stimulates brain activity).
We also offer to consider low-carb food system. Do not think that this is another example of a diet. Although it is considered a diet, but it is more appropriate definition - style food. In print media, you can find some species of low-carb diets. These include the protein diet, the Atkins diet, carbohydrate diet alternation, the low-carb diet is green, etc.
What is the essence of a low-carb diet?
- Reduction of carbohydrates, and vice versa, an increase in the consumption of proteins and fats. It should choose foods rich in proteins, it might be cheese, meat, eggs, etc. Bring a lunch a piece of boiled meat, cottage cheese and egg. Uses will be much greater than that of an instant noodle;
- Include fiber in your diet (it helps the normal work of the intestine, and provides the body with energy). A solid fat content can be found in carrots, beet, buckwheat. Bread should be selected from wheat flour. Hungry? Eat a carrot. And energy, and it is useful for the eyes, in our digital age will be very useful;
- Passing on this power supply system, do not forget about fish oil, as if the taste was not disgusted (now the fish oil is available in capsules, which significantly simplifies the reception). And, of course, in the diet include taking a multivitamin. Before work take a multivitamin and fish oil capsules - and no disease now you are not afraid. Yes, and you are not tired on the way;
- Use natural fats in food. Some varieties of fish have a higher body fat percentage. Seeds and nuts are also a good source of natural fat. Of course, in the office to click the seeds are not worth it, but here are some nuts (eg, walnuts or cashews) may use.
A few tips that should be avoided when low carb diet
- To ignore some types of beverages, namely, beer and liquors, sweet carbonated water. To quench their thirst with clean water without gas;
- Should exclude the use of products, where corn starch or flour is used;
- If not strange, but it should reduce the consumption of fruit juices and fruit, since in its composition includes a large amount of natural sugar;..
- Allowed the consumption of food in all the fish that you can buy any kind of meat. Some products contain fillers uglevodosoderzhaschie, this information is displayed on the product packaging.
Adhering to certain rules on diet, you can greatly improve your health, and therefore, your youthful appearance will please long time of not only yourself but also others. In addition, you will always impress the boss, because, the best employee - an employee who does not take sick leave. Be healthy!


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