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Published : 20-02-2016, 21:39 | Category: ACCESSORIES

It is said that ascended per kilogram holidays are mostly made up of water, which keep the body in many savory snacks, pickles, smoked, alcohol. Remove the excess water can be just a couple of days a diet without salt. This method is much more useful and effective than receiving diuretics, with which modern girls like abuse.

How to lose weight after the holidays. salt-free diet
This diet, as evidenced by its name, based on the lack of salt in the diet, thereby manages the day before the reset kilogram weight. Of course, fresh food the habit may seem completely tasteless, in this case, try to add in dishes instead of salt, finely chopped onion, garlic and herbs.

Morning of a new day is better to start with a light cup chicken or vegetable broth. You can add to the broth toast without butter or 3-4 crackers. After a couple of hours, eat a serving of low-fat cottage cheese (100 grams) and drink a big cup of green tea without sugar. The dinner should be limited to buckwheat without oil, without salt, without dips and sauces, but you can eat it as much as you want. It is important that you do not feel hunger, otherwise the body will start to be frightened, and diligently keep the weight. At lunch, eat 50 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and apple. For 2-3 hours before bedtime drink a glass of yogurt with a slice of rye bread.

On this diet you can without compromising the health and mood to spend three days. During this time restored the water-salt balance in the body, calm the disturbed libations and fatty foods liver, the stomach is reduced to normal size. Depending on the extent of the problem during this period, you can lose up to three kilograms of the total weight and get rid of the swelling, which are formed by the excess water.

How to lose weight after the holidays. You help the fasting days
New Year's holidays, tend to be protracted. So, if you several days feasting fun with friends but went on visitors, the number of kilograms is capable of appearing pretty scare you. In this case, it may well be three days of salt-free diet is not enough, so it is recommended to them after the fasting day.

Of course, the discharge is best done on a product that does not cause you disgust. Here are a few options to choose from that may be suitable:

- One and a half liters of low-fat yogurt;
- Six large ripe bananas;
- Kilogram of apples and persimmons;
- Any porridge to choose from (very good buckwheat, oatmeal, rice) in unlimited quantities, but without any additives, salt or soy sauce or oil.

Selected for unloading the product should be divided into 5 equal portions (number of meals). During the day you need to be sure to drink plenty of water (up to 2 liters)!

How to lose weight after the holidays. Move more!
To speed up the process of getting rid of the extra kilos, you must provide your body with sufficient physical activity. In winter, it is not necessary to exhaust yourself in a stuffy gym, because the street is so fresh air and so many interesting things! Leisurely walk in the frost, ice skating, sledding, skiing; playing snowballs, building ice castles and other winter fun will give you the perfect Christmas mood and a lot of unforgettable moments.

And in the evening you can soak in the bath with lush fragrant foam, treat yourself to a massage or beauty wrap with essential oils. Within a week you will find that on the festive table caught kilograms was gone, but the memory will remain for a long time the memory of a unique meeting of the New Year - the most kind, wonderful and fabulous holiday.


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