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Published : 20-02-2016, 21:33 | Category: YOUR STYLE

Today, nutritionists strongly protest against starvation, they say: in order to lose weight, can not always limit yourself to food, otherwise once deceived and entered in the stress the body will "stock up" calories for future use. On the contrary, you need to eat right, including in your diet products that provide not only figure, but also health. Today our women's magazine Finestar.Ru tell you what to eat to lose weight. By the way, these miracle products and more tasty, and help avoid premature aging.

What to eat to lose weight, maintain health and youth
If the tea is green
No one is surprised by the information that the rich catechins (powerful antioxidants) green tea activates the metabolism, helps burn fat and lowers the amount of cholesterol active. Scientists have also found that daily consumption of green tea three times a day, slowly but steadily reduces weight. Of course we are talking about the original product, and not a fake.

A coffee - neprozharennoe
In the experiment, the volunteers attended the American scientists who are overweight. For twenty-two weeks of use neprozharennoe grains of coffee each participant has lost seven kilograms, despite the fact that other modes of power remained the same. It turns out that green coffee beans significantly reduce the body's absorption of fats, glucose levels even lower. Pay attention to the taste of grains - rancid can not be used.

Supporter diet - grapefruit
It leads to impressive effect in getting rid of excess weight. During 2004 scientific experiments, it was shown that the citrus helps convert energy into human foods eaten, and are not to accumulate fat. Plus in grapefruit contains enzymes that decompose excess triglycerides, they, along with cholesterol - the main sources of fat circulating in our blood.

Also important is the fact that the average size of a grapefruit has only 80 calories, and it makes us think seriously: why to this wonderful citrus does not become a permanent part of our diet.

Beans for Weight Loss
Because it is - an effective natural remedy that helps fight obesity, because it is part of cholecystokinin. Just him and include a component in the most recommended for weight loss drugs. Include periodically dishes of beans in your diet, and you do not need medication. Just remember that beans - enough high-calorie product, it should be small portions, not arched fatty components.

And cinnamon to the same
The research results claim that cinnamon perfectly controls the body's insulin levels and daily intake by a quarter of a teaspoon of this powder burns not only cholesterol, but also all the same triglycerides.

Aspirants lose weight oatmeal for breakfast recommended dose, mixed with yogurt and half hours. L. ground cinnamon.

Black pepper burn fat
If you are not counter-burning foods, you recommended black pepper slimming process. And in the mouth and digestive tract, it stimulates secretion, causing the formation of fat cells is blocked. Piperine contained in pepper grains, processed foods makes to pass the stage of fat deposits.

Chocolate Diet
Scientists are already tired to argue that not all of the chocolate fat. The bitter, without fillers, containing a high percentage of cocoa, a little sugar, but a lot of stearic acid and epicatechin, which is charged with energy instead of fat cells.

If the fruit is pear
They contain dietary fiber that are difficult to process, so a person keeps you feeling full for a long time. Furthermore pears fibers contained minerals. To use the beneficial properties of pears, choose fruits moderately soft, but not too hard.

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