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Published : 20-02-2016, 21:25 | Category: SECRET STYLE

Nowadays figs are also very popular. Residents of the southern regions are lucky enough. Truly fabulous and delicious fruit grows on there everywhere all the joy.

We have the same figs can be bought in any large supermarket, or the market in dried form. Do not worry, this fig tree does not lose its amazing properties, rather, they are only amplified.

What useful properties have figs?
Due to the large reserves of vitamins and minerals, figs successfully treat various diseases. It would seem an ordinary berry, dull in appearance, however, how much force it!

In the treatment of cardiovascular diseases figs gained a leading position. For example, he copes with heart palpitations, called tachycardia. The presence of potassium in it allows blood vessels to relax so blood can flow freely and do their job as best as possible.

Based on the above, we can safely say that the fig is an excellent cleaners all the small and large blood vessels, so it is very useful for high blood pressure, thrombophlebitis sick and the elderly, whose vessels have undergone age-related changes.

Diseases of the liver, the spleen is quite amenable to figs. Also, he is capable to cope with anemia. Such patients have not exactly hurt, and will greatly benefit this wonderful and delicious fruit.

Sore throat, cough and other respiratory diseases are also successfully treated this amazing fruit. For this it is necessary to prepare a decoction milk. Two - three berries enough for 1 cup of milk. It's more like a treat than a cure, however the therapeutic effect is not quite weak. Gentle, sweet figs will be enjoyed not only children but also adults. Like chocolate, he is able to lift the mood, which is important for the sick person

Also known miraculous quality figs in the treatment of tumors and purulent wounds. In these cases, it applied to the affected area of ​​the cut side of a piece of fruit. The same can be done with regard to corns.

The fig is an excellent tool in the fight against constipation. There is nothing no need to invent. On an empty stomach to eat 1-2 fruit and a bit of waiting, you are ready for breakfast.

Eating figs in the daily diet, you can prevent many diseases. And children simply need to include in the diet instead of (undergoing processing) confectionery products.

Patients with diabetes figs is contraindicated due to the high sugar content, it is not recommended, even in small quantities.

Also, be aware that excessive consumption of it may lead to the diabetes and obesity. Follow around the measure and thus will always be healthy.


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