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Published : 14-06-2016, 06:46 | Category: Sport and Fitness

Calorie - a unit of energy that carries any product. It turns out that the caloric content of food - this is the amount of energy required for digestion of food by the body. It is known that 1 gram of protein and carbohydrate contains 4 calories, but in 1 gram of fat - as much as 9. Knowing these figures, you can easily define their principles of supply in accordance with the goals you want to achieve - to lose weight, eat healthy and useful food, build muscle.

Today, the table with the description of the nutritional value of the products can be easily found in the public domain. Therefore, difficulties in order to calculate the required daily energy ration no. It is especially important to consider calories when you are going to lose weight. But before you go on a diet, many have a number of important questions regarding the calories.

1. What are the calories your body good? And what have the extra?

On the benefit, of course, are formed from amino acids of the protein. They are necessary for the smooth functioning of the organism. But if you'll use an excessive amount of protein, the digestive organs (eg, liver) may be slightly stretched in size to accommodate a small number of "extra" amino acids. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose, which is necessary to maintain the health of all body cells. But we all know the fact that we consume more carbohydrates than necessary for our body. This means that most of them are "stored" in the body. As for fat, only 5% of the amount consumed is beneficial. A little more to the liver, turning in good cholesterol. All the rest is deposited in the body.

2.What there is a minimum rate of calories to the daily diet?

Dietitians and experts cross output can not. After all, the minimum number of calories required per day person, depends on many factors: the image of his life, physical activity, the formation of hormones in the body, thermogenesis, and so on. But it is possible to deduce an average value by dividing people into groups according to purpose. For example, for dieters mandatory calorie balance. If you consume more calories from food than to spend, we can say with certainty that the extra weight provided. After intake of only 100 calories a day leads to a set of 5 extra kilograms a year.

3. How to calculate the required for a particular person daily norm of calories?

This can be done using the formula: weight (in pounds) X14 - this is for women; Weight (in pounds) x 15 - it is for men. 1 pound = 0.453 kg. It turns out the number that is needed to maintain the body in a state where he is today.

4. How to calculate the number of calories required to obtain and maintain an ideal weight?

Calculate the daily calorie intake for weight loss and maintaining an ideal weight is easy. To do this, use the same formula used to calculate the normal daily rate. That's only with the values ​​of "actual weight" should be substituted to "desired weight". For example, if a woman weighs 70 kg and wants to lose weight up to 55, then it is necessary to substitute the numbers into the formula 55. And then calculate the daily norm of calories obtained.

5. What are the minimum calories should get the body?

When the weight loss should be avoided too low calorie food (less than 1200 calories per day), especially for a long period of time. Because such a diet will burn not only fat but also muscle. This may lead to uncontrolled hunger, slowing metabolic rate and activation zhiroskladiruyuschego element.

6. What is hidden and empty calories?

Junk food may be in a low nutritional value foods. For example, in a glass of fresh orange juice 120 calories, but there are also such useful substances such as vitamins and minerals. But in the same glass of soda also contains 120 calories and more useful nothing useful. This means that the empty calories in soda. Hidden calories are those that can not be calculated. For example, it is impossible to understand what was used in the sausage hot dog, or how much sugar in homemade jam. Consumption of hidden calories, doctors often compared with the food promiscuity.

7.What calories useful: those that were taken in the morning? or in the evening?

Of course, the calories contained in the foods eaten in the morning, much more useful than those that were in your body tonight. After all, the night the body does not waste energy. Therefore, organizing a dinner, try that he was not abundant and low-fat.

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