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Published : 14-06-2016, 06:38 | Category: Health

One small piece of cake to add extra 150-300 kcal diet. Get extra calories simply, but get rid of them is much more difficult. Going to the gym and exhausting workouts require a lot of free time, and it is not always there.

Did you know that only 30 minutes of walking on the street can not afford to settle ingested the cake on the sides? Spend the extra calories can be happy. One need only go to the pool after work and from eating yesterday's dinner will be over. 20 minutes of free swimming helps burn 200 calories, and it is a decent piece of cake. In addition, the pool is perfectly relaxing. Muscles tighten evenly, so very tired is not.

Walking burns calories. Walk on foot. If you walk at a brisk pace for 30 minutes, you can get rid of 70-80 kcal.

If you do not like to walk on the streets, buy a skipping rope. Jumping every day at home watching television for an hour, you get rid of 540 calories. Even 15 minutes will be sufficient for burning excess calories accumulated during the day.

Another way to burn calories - cycling. Think of the purpose of travel and go, for example, for products in the remote store. 15-30 minutes of exercise bike to lose weight.

Any physical activity can be converted into the process of getting rid of calories. Do housework at a fast pace. Soon you notice that extra weight literally disappear from your body. Secure the large muscles. Focus on strengthening the muscles of the legs, chest, abdomen and back. The more developed the muscle, the more calories you burn, even at rest.

Sitting in front of the TV on the couch, knead hands or feet.

Make it a rule to do exercises in the morning. Include a good and energetic music and do exercises that burn calories (sit-ups, push-ups, press). Music will help to extend the training by 20-25%. Do not neglect the hitch. Even slow movements help to spend calories.

In no case do not sit on a starvation diet. If you do not eat for a long time, the body instinctively lowers metabolism to conserve energy. In this state, you spend a minimum amount of calories. Therefore, between breakfast, lunch and dinner do eat.

And another tip. As much as possible go up the stairs. Avoid travel in the elevator. If climb, stepping over 2 steps, you can burn 50% more calories than the traditional method of lifting.

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