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Published : 14-06-2016, 06:30 | Category: Family and Relations

Answering the question of what love is, psychologists have identified four categories: love, affection, passion and emotional connection, and came to the conclusion that the latter are still more suited to the traditional understanding of true love. Emotional contact allows two people to penetrate each other, to feel their partner and experience will only positive emotions. In this regard, psychologists have identified a few secrets of love:


If you constantly think about a person experiencing a pleasant feeling, not hatred and anger, to treat it, you'll love.


First you need to learn to respect themselves, their thoughts and desires, then you will become more considerate of their feelings and become to understand himself and to express that experience clearly that will help to make contact with the partner and smooth out many conflicts. It is also important to respect others, to understand that each of them - a person with their own preferences, which you need to listen.


In order to immerse themselves in love, do not need to be limited to the expression of feelings, it is necessary to open up to others, to give their feelings. Do not assume that your partner should be the first to step up and do something - if you want to hug him - hug, even when you are in a quarrel, and then all the conflicts will be solved much easier and faster.


Do not forget as often as possible interested in your beloved, ask about how his case, what is happening at work, etc. Then you'll not only spend a lot of time together, but also to get to know him better.


Loyalty is always the main principle of true love. To save your relationship, you need to be loyal to them, do not betray your partner.


No need to constantly see in his beloved person who can hurt or harm you. Trust him, give him his freedom, and do not forget that he loves you and would never hurt or betray.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important moments in human relationships. Displays of passion kindle love, even after many years of living together, it's a time when you stay only two.

Love is different, and everyone wants to experience this feeling. Immerse yourself in it and feel free to express themselves, to give presents, to arrange a romantic evening and a walk, do not succumb to their grievances, and then you will be able to keep the relationship a long time.


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Date: 07.11.16
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