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Published : 13-06-2016, 13:22 | Category: LIFESTYLE

Good health for life - the dream of every man. What you need to do to implement it? As is well known, it is necessary to protect the health of his youth. Ever since ancient times different people have their secrets of maintaining good health into old age. Try to follow them, and a positive result is bound to be.

Remember that you can not work constantly, as well as an infinitely rest. Periods of physical activity and recreation must alternate, so good health is important to observe the regime of the day. Sleep is necessary for at least 8 hours a day and it is always better at the same time, it is desirable to go to bed no later than 11 pm. During this time, the body fully recuperate.

In the morning should definitely do exercises to increase metabolism and warm up joints and muscles.

Water procedures are also needed. Daily shower after work and a bath once a week helps to promote health, cleansing the body of toxins and negative energy.

Breakfast should always be on the table as the main body gets energy from food. Lunch and dinner are also to pass on the costs. Eat healthy food should be - fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, dairy products, semi-finished and avoid "fast food" because it is "dead" food. Benefit from it will not be, but the extra weight over time is inevitable. With proper nutrition not appear needs to lose weight and to sit on diets.

In the process, be sure to make small breaks every hour, especially in sedentary work. Take a few simple exercises, walk. People sedentary, often have problems with blood vessels and heart.

After work, have a good time in the gym, swimming pool, ballroom, or simply to walk at least half an hour. Alternating activities perfectly restores power.

If you want to be healthy, forget about all the bad habits: smoking, alcohol and drugs. They significantly shorten the life and undermines the health of not only yours, but your loved ones.

Attention!: Do not engage in stressful discussion, provoke not for nothing. Avoid contact with people who are always dissatisfied with something and are constantly trying to take on your own problems. Learn to enjoy life, a positive attitude also helps to resist illnesses and speeds recovery.

Try to relax in nature - in the woods, in the country, the river or the sea. This holiday brings positive emotions, and, as a result, the recovery of the nervous system and a huge charge of energy.

Treat yourself with love, take care of the face and body. Confidence creates a good mood, which is the best combined with good health. In the age of high-tech capabilities and look and also feel increased manifold.

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