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Published : 13-06-2016, 13:13 | Category: Career

So, you recently got a job. You are satisfied: the position and salary, but the relationship with the head does not add up the way we would like. How to build friendly relations with the leaders with a minimum of material and moral loss for you?

Different people have relationships with the head formed in different ways. Someone manages to please just someone much later, and some of it does not work at all. This raises the question for further work in the company. There are unspoken rules to be followed - and success is guaranteed.

See a list of duties. Any enterprise must have approved the lists of the duties of each employee, stated in the employment contract. In most cases, such a contract is concluded with the employee after the trial period. Accurate knowledge of and compliance responsibilities spelled allows to establish a sound relationship with management.

Find out what type of manager you are using. According to the official hierarchy, the employee must adapt to the boss, not the other way around, so you should understand its requirements. He is scrupulous? So, to provide him with more detailed reports. He is an amateur or solve global problems, is not particularly going into details? Then try to throw him some good idea in a week, even if he will find fault with them. Try to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the chief. This way you can avoid irritation on his part and get a positive assessment of his actions.

Use the weaknesses of your head. Maybe your boss is a weakness in that he is not engaged in for some reason. Perhaps because of the lack of information, financial problems or excessive employment. Not your persecution leader, and offer your help. Such actions can not only improve the relationship, but to show initiative, to be noted in the eyes of his superiors.

Organize your workflow. When the head will cause you to pass a new job, carry a full list of works accepted for execution with indication of the exact time of delivery. This will allow arguments to explain that you would be pleased for the implementation of the new task, if the performance of the old order will be delayed for some time.

Meet regularly with the chief. It does not matter if the boss calls you or not, just take the initiative. Periodically ask for his audience, presents a report on the work done. Talk about the difficulties that you have encountered in solving the problem, and what you have found a way out in the end.

Remember, write, take note of the said head, and you will certainly succeed.

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Date: 23.11.16
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