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Published : 20-02-2016, 20:19 | Category: STYLISH THINGS

Your manicure can claim a fashion statement only if the free claw length (and it does not matter, it is accrued or natural) must be less than five millimeters. The main criterion of beauty today are convenient and length corresponding to the case and cover design, since natural and naturalness is the best highlight femininity. Excellent solution - a French manicure on short nails, as it was created specifically for short nails. It is based on daily and simplicity along with the elegance and refinement.

French manicures traditionally its performance - it is a white free edge of the nail (the so-called "smile" line) in combination with beige or pale pink shades cover the nail plate. French - a classic of the genre, because this manicure is suitable for any style of clothing and in any event.

French manicure on short nails
- Too wide and bright "smile" visually makes the nail even shorter. So in short marigolds looks wonderful thin strip width of only a few millimeters;

- With a special chalk for French manicure can make a white tip of the nail from the inside. So you visually lengthen your nails. In addition, this method of creating a French manicure can save you time and give your hands well-groomed look in just a few minutes. That's only if your nails are irregular in shape or exfoliate, it is best to refer to the salon and make a full-fledged procedure;

- Do not be afraid to experiment with the creation of a French manicure. In his classic execution, you can add "peppercorn", highlighting the edge of the nail polish is not the classic white color, and any other that best matches your outfit and mood. This can be golden, red or even black. Any of these colors will be interesting to look at the tip of your claw and boldly emphasize your individuality.

- French manicure in a classic design with its pink and white tones in recent years, lost its popularity, but all sorts of variations with color and additional patterns, on the contrary, are the height of fashion. Shanghai Moon or manicure - this is a new kind of tunic, which is based on a combination of gold, black and transparent with glitter varnish. This manicure looks more elegant and solemn;

- Supplement French manicure designs in the form of lines, colors, abstractions, change the form of the "smile", add rhinestones, contrasting combination lacquers. Modern design allows the nail to make french manicure on nails short length unique, stylish and original. Importantly, do not be afraid to experiment.

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