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Published : 13-06-2016, 13:01 | Category: Career

Too talkative man is able to displease others, to push them away, which has a negative impact not only on his relationships with people, but also to the career. Are there guidelines and exercises that allow to get rid of excessive talkativeness?

That silence - gold, known to many. But the ability to keep your mouth shut is not given to everyone. Before you try to learn to talk less, you should understand the causes of excessive talkativeness.

Why one person is silent, and the other says, almost without stopping? Because the first have nothing to say? Hardly. The basis of the gab are some of the qualities of character, without changing who learn to speak less than the very problematic. If you think that talking too much, try to understand what topics you touch the conversation. For example, you like someone to talk, you are keenly interested in all the gossip. Get rid of the habit of discussing other people, and you will lose one of the most important reasons for talking.

The habit of discussing, and more generally, to judge, is typical of many people. It is no coincidence one of the most important biblical commandments is the commandment "Do not judge." And not just because the one who does not judge, and he will not be judged. The habit of judging a very negative impact on the purity of the human soul - makes it muckrake, distributor rumors. It is no coincidence the monks have a principle: if someone in your presence badly about someone speaks, do not listen to him. This principle can be applied in everyday life - if you do not have anyone to discuss and refuse to listen to other people's gossip, you will not only become a purer soul, but will be much less talk.

Many topics of conversation are empty, not giving any useful information. If you want to painfully for something to speak, caught himself this desire to vote, the importance of a topic that you want to raise. Does anything change if you do not talk about it? If you do not change, try to refrain from talking.

One of the reasons for excessive talkativeness is rooted in the esoteric. There is a category of people who, in order to feel good about themselves, absolutely have to talk to someone. Thus the one with whom they speak, as the conversation begins to feel more and more tired. These signs speak about energetic vampirism, albeit unconscious. If you notice is for something like that, it is an alarming symptom, indicating the violation of the natural energy of interaction with the world. The easiest way to remedy this situation through a religion - it is faith, communion of the soul with God will take you back a normal energy metabolism. After he recovers lost and a desire to talk.

Learn to speak slowly and clearly. Set out to make your speech and weighty content, free from the debris. At the same time you will notice that slow it does not allow you to talk - you simply will not be able to maintain the pace required for this. In any case, the basis for getting rid of excessive talkativeness is the ability to watch yourself. Begin to control your speech - at first it will turn out badly, you will permanently forget about their wish to speak less and only on the merits. But gradually you will think about it more and more until the voice control will not become a common thing for you. And with the disappearance of the gab gradually go into oblivion, and the need to follow the speech.

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