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Published : 11-06-2016, 12:58 | Category: News

The body works in the rhythm of which sets it man. Passive way of life, lack of movement - these are the factors that lead to stagnation. And, as a consequence, an increase in body weight. To get rid of excess weight and improve their health, we just need to move more.

Running - one of the best ways to lose weight. When a person moves, he not only spends calories at the same time there is a reorganization of the whole organism. Begin to work better lungs, there is an intensive oxygenation of the blood, muscles come in tone, restored metabolism. And not necessarily to spend on the sport long hours, enough to engage in two-three times a week for one hour.
If you decide to lose weight with the help of the run, begin to prepare your body gradually. For starters, you can start walking a little more than usual. The first session should last no more than 15 minutes. For the training is better to choose a place remote from the city. The healthier the air will be around you, the better your condition after jogging. But if you are not able to go into the woods or park, and then we can deal with on a regular stadium. Ideally suited for jogging track with a few ups and downs. Running under such conditions will give a small burden on the heart, which will help to prevent future occurrence of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

A couple of weeks after the start of the course start-up time. If you are in good shape, while jogging can be done 30-40 minutes. If the classes are given to you with difficulty, it will be enough for 20-25 minutes of running. Then increase the time depending on your condition and state of health.

Run better not very fast, keeping the average rate. Speed ​​is needed only to athletes. Your task - to change the pace of life, to accustom the body to work harder. To get rid of two or three extra kilos, enough jogging 1-2 months. And your body will not increase muscle mass, it just comes to tone. Especially important for the running muscles waist and press.

For health is more useful running in the morning. In addition, it is much more effective in helping to lose weight. Before class, take a contrast shower, to put himself in the tone. Pick comfortable shoes that will not hamper your movements. To exercise went faster, you can take along with your favorite music player. The first few lessons can go through is not as good as you would like. But do not give up training. Just after a couple of weeks you will feel the change. Running is no longer an obligation, you really get used to it. He will fill your body with energy, which previously you had not.

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