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Published : 11-06-2016, 12:51 | Category: Health

Running in its objectives is divided into wellness and sports. And if the jogging speed is irrelevant, for the sport is the most important characteristic to achieve victory. It is in order to develop a running speed athletes use special techniques.

A method that allows to run faster, there are many. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but one thing unites them - a lot of stress on the body and exercises to the limit. Therefore, using the methods given only after the acquisition of a large practice running and fitness. Otherwise, instead of increasing the running speed you get injury.

Running on terrain with varying topography allows us to develop very fast speed, gain muscle mass and significantly improve the effectiveness of jogging. Constant transition from lifts to the slopes contribute to the rapid development of all muscle groups of the legs. Wanting to use this method, be aware that it requires a very high physical stress. That's why running on different terrain is not very popular with runners. Please note that it is recommended to pass between lifts smoothly and alternate them with running on flat terrain. This will prevent injuries.

On the uphill, keep your back straight, hips brought forward, keep your hands as low as possible. The head lift up and look straight ahead. Focus at any point and is not retracted from her eyes. The muscles of the neck and shoulders relax. Leaning backward while running. At the initial stage of using this method, choose gentle hills. Over time, begin to move to a more steep and long climbs up the hill.

Another way to increase the speed of a running interval. The simplest form of interval running - alternating jogging at a moderate pace, running at maximum pace and distance. To complicate the exercise, increase the length of high-speed running and decrease the jogging and walking. Often used another version of interval running, in which the runner performs 4x400 meter shuttle run on time. In addition to the development of high-speed qualities of interval running perfectly develops the cardiovascular system and creates the maximum load on the heart.

Trained athletes the variant variable run comprising of running 800 meters with a maximum speed, followed by a light jog 400 meters. This exercise is repeated up to five repetitions without a pause between them. To train running speed over long distances, use a second run. Run 4 km at a speed at which the pulse frequency is at least 180 beats per minute. After this rest as long as the heart rate does not go down to 120 beats, and repeat all over again.

To make the most complex exercise, use tempo runs. Its essence lies in the fact that at a distance of 5-10 km each subsequent kilometer runs faster than the previous one. This method makes it possible not only to develop the speed and speed endurance, but also to get used to use all the known techniques of cross-country and properly dispose of their own.

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