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Published : 21-05-2016, 14:05 | Category: LOVE AND RELATIONS

People tend to show sympathy and support for their relatives and friends, and just a stranger. If there were no reciprocity and hope to help people who are experiencing grief, much more difficult to come out of their painful condition. Not everyone can find the words to express my sympathy, but your presence next to say more
With no opportunity to support a person in grief personally call and say words of sympathy. The main thing that they sounded sincere. Be sure to ask, what need help. The emotional state of grieving does not always allow him to adequately assess what he is told. Important tone of voice, the rhythm of the words, it has a hypnotic effect on people and calms him.

Support is not the word, and the willingness to help and protect. Just being with the person in a difficult moment in itself valuable. You know the universal words of support, which usually say, "I'm sorry", "sympathize", "Over time, everything will be", "Time heals," and similar expressions. But by themselves they are not able to calm the person, if he does not feel sincere participation.

Before you say something, think about what you would be comforted in this situation. Man must somehow "catch" for the future, to show a new goal, to which he will seek. The woman threw her husband after twenty years of marriage, felt that her life was over.

She did not see the point in life and does not need a support, and in concrete terms, how to get out of this situation with dignity.

The words "Calm down, everything will be" talking is not necessary to have no future. We can say that in forty or fifty years, the woman begins to live only for themselves, grow and arranging children. At this age, with a wealth of life experience, much easier to choose the person with whom she will live a happy life. Suggest a joint campaign to the shops and beauty salons to deserted wife was able to meet his destiny head-on.

If someone died from a close friend, be there and help with funeral arrangements. Sometimes a person can be derived from a state of despair, placing before him a number of issues and challenges that need to be addressed. Talk about the fact that close to one in need of it, to support it. Pay attention to him that he should also help their relatives. Taking on the role of comforter, one he will find words of support and feel the responsibility for the family.

Sometimes it is enough to say: "I am always with you, no matter what happens!". These words can say and without waiting to happen something bad.

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