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Published : 21-05-2016, 13:58 | Category: News / SECRET STYLE

Perfume represent the female personality, reveal her character, create a special mood. This "invisible weapons", according to the French, is one of the most important components of an image. But search for "their" flavor for many women sometimes delayed for years.

The main conditions which must be observed when selecting perfume: calm, that there is sufficient amount of time and the absence of foreign odors.

Refrain from using perfume before going directly to choose a new perfume. Trying different scents, perfumes better to put on a special paper strip, and on the wrist without rubbing them after application, since this substance damaged molecules and odor changes. Do not rely on the first impression - not too lazy to take the fragrant strip with you and to track changes in smell during the day. It is possible, with it no longer seem so attractive to you over time. In addition, in one shopping is not necessary to "try" more than three fragrances. Do not choose a perfume in the critical days - observed that the sense of smell changes dramatically during this period.

Perfumers believe that a woman should have three different flavors for different occasions: to work, parties, romantic evening.

It is believed that each hair color suit different smells. Brunettes are advised to choose the scents of jasmine, lily, white lilac, narcissus and tuberose. Blondes suitable compositions containing notes of lavender, bergamot, violet and freesia. Ginger should prefer perfumes that combine the brightness and strength, and the brown-haired - floral fragrance with notes of acacia and honeysuckle.

A strong and ambitious women are suitable vivid and memorable aromas reminiscent of men. Erotic sultry beauty choosing tart oriental perfumes, and a romantic and gentle nature - fresh, floral and fruity scents.

At various times of the year will also be relevant different smells. In winter it is a perfume with woody and honey notes, which give a feeling of internal heat. In the summer will be good sweet floral aromas reminiscent of blossoming flowers.

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