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Published : 21-05-2016, 13:53 | Category: LIFESTYLE / Career

Head makes you do extra work, "hangs" on you someone else's responsibility, with no co-pay, promotions or elementary approval of your work. The situation is familiar to many, but not everyone knows how to tell the chief of "no" and still remain in the list of the best employees.

Apparatus employed

If you only arrange for the position, let them know right away that it is not willing to do extra work, except for force majeure. Reassure your boss that you are ready to help in a crisis, but do emphasize that the extra functionality will reduce the speed and quality of your main job.

You fall into the category dependable workaholic

Look around: if all your colleagues are late after work, or the director chose you as a working "horses," as the weakest link. In the first instance, make a choice - to join the workers, and can, and leave the company, which encouraged irregular labor. In the second case, consider why you have become a victim of it. Most likely, you show excessive zeal, are afraid to show themselves disloyal employee. Spend the inner workings and honestly answer - it is fear, victim complex or simply the inability to say "no".


Seek advice from trusted colleagues. See how they are able to properly defend their functions and authorities put in place. Plan the arguments, evidence, practice at home quietly say, persuasive voice. Say a few times "no" clearly and confidently. Train as long as it is not a difficult word will be familiar to you.


Do not be afraid to ask the manager what the job is a priority: that you charge unplanned, or principal. Get ready for the different variants of reaction - so you will feel more confident, you do not get caught off guard. Do not make excuses, you are not required to do the work, which is not attached to your functions. Learn to refuse unreasonable demands in chief, love yourself, appreciate their own and other people's time.

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