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Published : 21-05-2016, 13:45 | Category: News / LIFESTYLE

Sometimes the training does not give the desired effect: regular grueling run, alas, does not always help to lose weight. We show you how to avoid common mistakes in the pursuit of a slender figure.

Consult a physician before training. Being overweight is not necessarily associated with love to a hearty meal. It may occur, for example, due to hormonal disorders in which excessive physical activity is contraindicated.

Choose sports shoes and clothing. Whatever may have been comfortable old shoes, you need to run in running shoes. Shoes not only prevents injuries, some models contribute to the elaboration of separate groups of muscles, which will help you quickly become toned.

Dose load. The main mistake beginners - excessive zeal or work half-heartedly. Run at your own pace when you are short of breath after the first thirty meters and not force a move. Then, the load should be gradually increased.

Diversify jogging exercises. Athletics - is not only known from gym class running in a circle. Try to jump over obstacles, arrange with friends race on speed, run with the weights (for example, holding a dumbbell in your hands).

Do not eat immediately after a heavy load, no matter how great the temptation to do so. But you can drink - and after training, and during it. It is best to use mineral water without gas. Shops juices and soda will not bring you to the sacred harmony.

Choose jogging parks and sports grounds, do not run on asphalt and polluted along the trails.

Adjust your diet. Training is unlikely to help negate the extra calories after the fat cake or salad with mayonnaise. Avoid fatty and starchy foods at least in the afternoon. Exclude from the diet of "empty" calories, which are abundant contained in the chips, biscuits, Coke.

Do not expect quick success. The weight will go away slowly, but the result will certainly please you with persistent training. To consolidate the achievements is to alternate running with walking intensive, as well as master the other exercise, such as swimming or biking.

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