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Published : 21-05-2016, 13:37 | Category: SECRET STYLE

Uneven skin tone of the face does not look aesthetically pleasing and can give their possessor many unpleasant moments. The reasons for this are many defects.

This increased sensitivity of the skin and, as a consequence, frequent irritation and redness. Consequences of pregnancy in the form of dark pigmented spots on the forehead and temples, old scars from heavy acne adolescence, and others.
To get rid of the red color, use a mask from the pulp of fresh cucumber, evens skin tone. For its production need to take a fresh medium sized cucumber, peel it from the peel, then grate. The resulting mass Apply a thick layer on the face and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and wipe the face with a cotton swab moistened with tonic.

On the skin color has a favorable effect Cryomassage. This procedure is rubbing the skin with ice. It can be used as frozen purified water, frozen and herbal extracts. It may be extracts of chamomile flowers, sage or a succession, which perfectly eliminates irritation and redness. But herbal teas do not necessarily freeze. They can be just wash. This is especially useful for highly irritated skin. Chamomile extract - an excellent remedy for allergies and burns.

For people whose skin is affected by the sun, covered with freckles and pigment spots, saving remedy is the broth of parsley. He has an excellent whitening and smoothing effect. For the preparation you need to take a bunch of parsley is medium in size and put it into boiling water. Boiling time 10 minutes. The mixed product should be cool and strain. Wash them at any time of the day when I have time and desire.

All skin imperfections can be cleverly hidden. To do this, you need only to choose the right concealer - concealer or corrector. To hide the spots bluish-red color, which often remain after the acne concealers should be selected with a yellowish tinge.

To get rid of circles under the eyes, it is necessary to give preference means that a little lighter skin tone. To hide the scars, pimples or redness, you need a concealer that exactly matches the color of the face.

To hide pimples, use of convex means a darker tone than the skin tone. Concealer applied light tapping motion, then shaded by a sponge or brush. A perfect hide skin imperfections cream powder. It is much better suited for this purpose than crumbly.
How to balance your skin color

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