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Published : 16-05-2016, 05:56 | Category: SECRET STYLE

Health - our core value. In his youth, almost all healthy. But over the years the disease occur more and more often, for them becomes chronic and difficult to get rid of them. But there are people who are suffering very rare, regardless of their age. They have kept your body healthy by following a lifelong simple rules. It is easier to stay healthy than to restore the lost.

Health - a good physical and mental health, the absence of disease, courage, hard work. The healthy human body is successfully resisting attacks of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, as well as the harmful effects of aggressive environmental factors.

To be always healthy, you need to youth to adopt healthy lifestyles. This concept includes the following factors:
• Physical activity;
• Moderate and varied diet;
• Healthy sleep;
• Rejection of bad habits;
• optimistic life perception.

The ancient aphorism "motion - a life" has not lost its relevance. If you want to be healthy, you need daily motion for at least half an hour (but the more - the better). What it will be - morning exercise, fitness, swimming in the pool or in open water, dancing, walking or jogging - choose on taste. Any kind of active movement will not only strengthen your muscular system, not only will improve the well-being, but also will enhance the immunity.

A healthy diet should be varied, with plenty of content in the diet of vegetables and fruits (they are a source of antioxidants - substances that prevent aging of the organism). Very useful dairy products. Meat and fish should also be present at your desk. But avoid fatty, spicy foods; instead of fried foods cook boiled; reduce consumption of sugar and sweets. Finish the meal with a slight feeling of hunger: for health body needs much less food than we normally eat. Follow the drinking regime: the day you need to drink at least two liters of fluid, and mostly this fluid should be clear water.

It is very important to maintain the health of a sufficient amount of sleep. Lack of sleep has a negative effect on the nervous system. The duration of sleep needed to rest, for each person is unique, so you need to sleep as much as you want. Ventilate the bedroom before going to bed. More useful to sleep is not hot, but in a cool room at a temperature 17-18˚.

Bad habits - alcohol and tobacco - are not compatible with a healthy lifestyle. They lower the body's defenses and negatively affect the state of all organs and systems.

Treat life optimistically! A scientifically proven fact that good, cheerful emotions hinder the development of disease and even prolong life, while discouragement, jealousy, anger and other negative feelings contribute to the emergence of a human variety of chronic diseases. Live with a smile and be always healthy!

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