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Published : 16-05-2016, 05:43 | Category: LIFESTYLE

Everyone dreams of a long and happy life. A necessary condition for this - good health. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, one must realize that and how much he eats, not just shove inside everything. We need to forget about alcohol and tobacco, or of good health conversation can not even start.

Basics of a healthy lifestyle is in compliance with the regime of the day. Then the body gets used to a certain consistency and frequency of activities: eating, rest, sleep, wakefulness. As a consequence, all organs are working precisely as a clock. If a person fails to comply with a specific mode of the day, the body is subjected to stress and therefore malfunctions.

An integral part of a healthy lifestyle - exercise. It is also useful to walk more or ride a bike. It is necessary to go on nature. This will give you positive energy and will increase your health. A vacation is preferably carried out at sea or in preventive sanatoriums.

Regular medical check-ups will help to identify any problem areas of the body, and it will be possible to take timely measures to address the problems identified. The norm is considered one or two times a year to pass examinations by a physician and specialists, among which required a dentist and a gynecologist (for women).

Every day, our body needs to eat a few times. It should be very clear to control the quality and quantity of food, as a healthy diet - an important element of a healthy lifestyle.

No need to go to extremes and to exclude from the diet of many foods, just read a lot of different subject articles. It is fundamentally not true. Each product contains natural beneficial for the body components. The complete exclusion of any product from the diet leads to the deprivation of the body of useful and necessary materials. To avoid this you need to be examined by a specialist, and on the basis of the results of the study to determine the composition of the products in their diet and their number.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle is important and a good psycho-emotional state. There is an important role of a favorite work (which always brings sufficient income), hardening, normal weight, avoiding harmful habits.
How to make healthy lifestyle

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