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Published : 19-04-2016, 20:11 | Category: News

The word "presentation" is often associated with computers and PowerPoint. But not always for the public presentation of something used aids. You can carry out and oral presentation.

Make a plan for the future presentation and enable all the major stages in it. In the simplest division of the presentation consists of an introduction, main body and conclusion. At each stage should leave no more than 5-7 minutes. This time-limit is not mandatory, but we must remember that in case of exceeding the listeners can get bored, distracted and start to understand your arguments.

Conduct a presentation is best in the morning, when the public will be full of energy and attention. In an oral presentation plays a big role the speaker's voice, so as soon as it will allow students to understand the essence of the story. That is why the act with the best speech from the stage or a small pedestal. So you will be able to hear well even from the back row.

Train your voice. To do this the day before the presentation, you can hold a rehearsal before a mirror or a small circle of friends. You should make the most firmly and confidently express their thoughts, because due to the slightest uncertainty or lack of attention to detail listeners can not understand you.

Since you will be deprived of any visual aids, it is necessary to try to express the meaning of the whole presentation within the first few minutes. Start it with announcement of the summary abstracts that students were able to grasp the main essence of your thoughts. Do not rush to move on to the main part. Come up to the public leading questions and ask them. For example, ask what they know about the subject, the subject of the presentation, or if they agree with what you want to sanctify / prove.

The main part of the newly maximum concisely convey to listeners all the basic information. Be consistent and do not hurry. Make a small pause between sentences, so that people can better understand the information. In conclusion, the overall conclusion. After the presentation, ask the audience, do not have any have any questions. Make sure that the presentation of the goal is achieved.

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