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Published : 19-04-2016, 20:03 | Category: Career

When applying for a job often requires a higher education, and this applies to many positions. On Web sites devoted to job search, you can find a job, even the cleaners with this requirement. But this does not mean that people with a high school education can not find a job.

If you do not have professional education, of course, many areas are closed to you. You can not work as an accountant, doctor, pharmacist, teacher, architect ... But there are a lot of posts, not the smallest, for which you can qualify. Of course, a great role playing experience. Sometimes he even equated with the presence of higher education. If you have worked for several years at the same place, have received excellent recommendations and good practice, you can move to the same position, but in a different organization. You can even qualify for a higher level, but, of course, to get such a job will be more difficult. So, working with secondary education can be in various areas. For example, in IT, advertising, sales, purchases, restaurant business, the secretariat.

Well, if you do not have work experience, the number of places for which you may qualify, is greatly reduced. Still, the list is not small. For example, you can get a sales manager, copywriter, logistician, a laborer, a cashier, operator, shop assistant, office manager and other vacancies. It is even possible to build a good career, and absolutely without higher education. To do this, you need to apply for the position easier to obtain the necessary knowledge and experience to earn the trust management. If you are a responsible employee, it is unlikely you will keep at their lowest positions for a long time. Most likely, after a couple of years you will be able to achieve a good increase. But for this, of course, you need a lot of work and quality.

Of course, if you have a good connection, you can get almost any position. In the absence of experience and education simply close their eyes. Often, you can meet even the directors, who at one time did not receive the necessary knowledge. But at the moment they successfully manage large organizations. Of course, this is more rare than the rule.

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