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Published : 19-04-2016, 19:59 | Category: LOVE AND RELATIONS

Some believe that the friendship between the women there, while others argue that it is just a well-established myth. Moreover, some of the ladies refuse to believe that they are prudent and insidious towards others. So is there a friendship between women, really?

There is an opinion that only men can be friends unselfishly, male friendship is eternal and unbreakable. The idea that female friendship just can not be, probably based on some desired simplification. It is much easier to explain the hostility between the ladies because they are jealous of the success and attractiveness of each other than to seek a more serious cause.

The friendship between the girls and women confined to conversations on general topics of interest to both sides. Sometimes friendship becomes a kind of cover to mutually use each other for their own purposes. Sometimes one of them has been acting as an adviser, it teaches how to act in any given situation. Thus, women tend to compensate for some lack of events in his personal life.

This relationship will never lie or hide something, trying to fulfill all the promises and takes into account all your interests, not gossip behind your back and always find something to talk about, not abandon you in time of need to forgive all your weaknesses and flaws, never leave in danger. But often it happens that the female friendship disintegrates after one of them there is a partner. This is explained by the fact that she sees in his own friend and tries to rival some of harm's way to stop all communication. The women eventually want to create a strong family, so easy to give up all that stands in the way, including from a friend.

True friendship between women is still there, and it is very strong, it is almost impossible to destroy. Some girls are lucky, and friendships at school or even kindergarten lasts a lifetime. True friendship does not prevent any marriage. Other friends change throughout life, like gloves, and this too has its advantages. And then it's not that there are no female friendship, but rather that it is not given to everyone. True friendship between people - this is not a gift of fate, and reward you for your understanding, patience and a genuine desire to find a congenial man.
Is there are friendship between women?

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