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Published : 19-04-2016, 19:51 | Category: Health

One of the most problematic areas for women - hips. It should just relax and let yourself too much (although it can be more than a cake with caramel crumb and creamy roses, blooming in the tender, soaked liquor biscuit?),

As a favorite pair of jeans at once reduced in size (can sit after washing?), And a belt on dress stops fastened. It seems that fat on the sides and waist appear from one sight to the goodies, from their smell, delivering a lot of unpleasant moments of its owner. What, you ask, to maintain the tightened figure, will have to limit yourself in everything? A women's magazine JustLady answer: it is not necessary at all, just watch your diet more carefully, do not overeat. And perform special exercises for the waist and sides to help you make the figure toned and slim.

Exercises for the sides, as, indeed, for other parts of the body, are divided into: stretching exercises, Pilates (stretches and strengthens the muscles), shaping (strengthens muscles) training with dumbbells. We will give some exercises for each type of training, and you will be able to choose for themselves resembling. Or, to perform all the complex - it will only increase the effect. But first, JustLady advise you one of the most effective and versatile exercise that you yourself know very well: exercise with a hula-hoop or at another sports hoop.

The hoop may be different: simple, with massage effect, with the weights. For initial training should not buy too heavy, it will be enough metal hoop. "Torsion" technique is not difficult - yes, you are likely to remember how to do it as a child. Take a hula-hoop with both hands, with strength unwind, and continue to maintain its rotation, helping the stomach. The movements must be rhythmic, but without jerking. Begin training with 2-3 minutes each side, gradually increasing the time. After a little bit familiar with this, replace the metal hoop heavier. And do not forget - during exercise to the waist and the sides need to breathe properly, not holding my breath.
exercise to clean the sides
Exercises for the sides - warm up the muscles

The basis of any sports exercises - warming up muscles before exercise. The room must be ventilated before exercise, you can turn on soft music: upbeat and relaxed. Fashion should not hamper the movements. Thus, exercise to clean the sides: starting with stretching.

1. Stand up straight, hands on his belt. Done slowly tilts in the opposite direction, pulling one arm upward. Tilt left - right hand, tilt right - left hand. Perform 6-7 times in each direction.
2. Sit on the floor with one leg stretched out, the other bent at the knee (set for knee straight leg). Arms straight in front of him, gently rotate the body towards the bent knee without moving the hips and trying as far as possible to turn around. We fix the position for 20 seconds., Change direction.
3. Lie on the floor, hands on the palm before the chest. Unbend the hands (hips pressed to the floor), trying as far as possible to bend back - pull your abdominal muscles.
4. Starting position - standing on the floor, feet wider than shoulder width. Slowly bend to the left, bending at the knee left leg. Left hand around the waist, are drawn to the right wall. Changing direction, repeat 6-7 times.
5. Starting position - standing, feet set shoulder-width apart. Hands, bent at the elbows pressed to his chest. Rhythmically pivoted alternately left and right, the amplitude of motion - max. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds.
Exercises for the waist and sides - Pilates

This type of training is perfect for those who do not like to engage in a rapid pace. Pilates workout goes by without jumping and sharp slopes, the emphasis is on stretching and static muscle work, which, when done correctly, brings no less good than any classical training. Exercises to remove the side from the category of Pilates:

1. Stand on the floor, feet shoulder width apart. The right hand on the waist, the left - raised up. Slowly bend the right, as low as possible, legs do not bend! We fix the situation, remain in it for 1 minute and switch sides.
2. Lie on your back, legs straight, hands behind his head. Lift the body and straight legs from the floor, fix the situation. We try to hold out for 30-40 seconds.
3. Sit on the floor with straight legs apart as far as possible. Make a slope through the side of one leg, both hands trying to reach the foot. We fix the position for 40-60 seconds and switch sides.
4. Starting position - lying on his side, with a focus on the one hand (how convenient), the second hand behind his head. Raises both upper body and legs straight (pressed together). The body and legs should be on one line. We linger in the top position for 20-30 seconds. This is particularly effective exercise for the waist and sides, albeit difficult.
Exercises for the waist and sides - train the obliques and the press

1. Curl. Lying on his back, legs bent at the knees, hands behind his head in a castle. Raise the upper body, we try to reach an elbow to the opposite knee. We perform at a fast pace in each direction for 15-20 times.
2. Starting position - lying on its side (emphasis on one hand, and the second - for the head), legs bent at the knees. The body and hips aligned! At the same time raise the body and leg up, the pace of implementation - fast. We are doing exercise 20 times, changing direction.
3. Take the dumbbells. Starting position - feet set shoulder-width apart, hands - at the bottom. We begin making strenuous slopes alternately to each side, feeling the tense muscles. Perform 20-30 times in each direction.
4. Stand up straight, arms extended upward (with dumbbells). We are doing side bends, not dropping his hands. Perform 20-30 times in each direction.

Perform these exercises to clean the sides and extra "fat" from the waist, be persistent and diligent. The results will certainly appear, if this really, really want.
Exercises for the waist and sides

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