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Published : 7-04-2016, 20:58 | Category: LOVE AND RELATIONS

The long-awaited first date often turns into a nightmare for men and for women, so it is very difficult to find the right topic for conversation. People are not prepared to answer some questions at the beginning of love. For anything, you have to be delicate and understated found on the first date of a man.

Ask a man to tell his friends. So you can learn more about him and draw up a more detailed psychological portrait. Ask the guy about his dreams and plans for the future. Of course, not everyone is ready so quickly share your thoughts, but if a young person tells you about its undertakings, it will be a sign that he trusts you.
You can ask questions about your favorite sports as men. The answer will help you to learn more about the nature of Man. If the young man does not love sports, most likely it romantic, a scientist or a philosopher. Do not hesitate to ask about your leisure, hobbies and other passions. To quickly find a common language, you must have similar interests.

Be sure to ask the young man to the presence of his bad habits, to avoid possible problems and misunderstandings in the future. Passion for gambling, too, should alert you. If you have bad habits, ask the guy if he plans to throw them. Find out what spirits he likes and how often he uses them.

Try to avoid the banal questions: "How do you weather?", "How are you?". Such stereotyped phrases can waft boredom and alienate the young man to you. During a call, be sure to show your interest in the topic of conversation. Ask clarifying questions, it will be a nice guy, and he will like you even more respect.

Ask about his childhood of a young man. Ask how he was a child, calm and quiet or active and noisy. Ask the guy to talk about the most enjoyable experiences of childhood. Ask him about his parents, it is easy in the future, if you will find a common language with them.

An important issue is the work of a young person. You can ask if his profession or he arranges plans to find a better place. Do not hesitate to ask the guy about his achievements in this field and on the previous places of work, because men like to talk about their successes. From major themes of the work can be a smooth transition to the lighter conversation related to the holiday, for example.


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