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Published : 20-02-2016, 20:13 | Category: Health

Take into account your biorhythms
Unfortunately, not always possible to adjust the daily schedule by their biorhythms. But do not completely ignore them. Try to solve all the important things at the moment of their activity, and which is smaller tasks or routine problems to keep the energy decline.

Sleep - the guarantee of health
The rhythm of modern life for many healthy deep sleep - it's just a luxury. But you must understand that this is not a luxury but the most essential needs of the organism to restore strength and energy. In order to stay awake during the day need to sleep 7-8 hours. Try to find them for your body, it will be grateful to you.

Learn to relax
Many even continue into the weekend to think about work, family, or solve any other problem. And it is fundamentally not true. Always find time for rest and relaxation. It is necessary to give the brain discharge. Try to meditate, be engaged in yoga or just sit in silence for a little bit. The main thing - to forget about all the problems and relax.

About sports - you are our strength!
Allocates daily sports for 30 minutes every day! During exercise, even small, improves metabolism, and you're feeling active, cheerful and energetic. This can be a simple morning exercise or a walk in the fresh air. Main move!

Proper nutrition
Without healthy food anywhere. Give up the fat, fried and other junk food, except that sleepiness does not cause anything. For breakfast, eat carbohydrates, and for lunch and dinner to give more preference to protein foods. Try not to overeat when you pass, the body needs a lot of effort is not digesting food, so it takes almost all of the energy. Try to eat at a certain schedule and avoid unplanned snacks.

arrange breaks
If you had a hard day, you find a couple of minutes and I will build a short break. Close your eyes, relax, think of something pleasant, slowly inhale and exhale air. Every time we get m deep breath energy, and when you exhale get rid of stress and negative thoughts. Such short breaks will help you relax, relieve tension in the muscles, bring thoughts in order and to remain vigorous even in the most stressful day.

If ustalast become chronic
If you always have a feeling of fatigue and no good sleep, no food properly, no recreation in nature do not help, then it's time to see a specialist. I do not think that this is what it is not a significant reason for going to the doctor. This is very important, so do not delay a visit, and for the prophylaxis regularly guzzle a course of vitamins.

Surround yourself with positive
Thinking positively and communicate with positive people. If your surroundings are people who love you take on their problems or pour out his heart to a friendly shoulder, then try to at least temporarily cease to communicate with them. If you can not avoid contact, try to draw their attention on the pleasant side of life, see more comedies, tell funny stories, go to the humorous presentation. Positive attitude perfectly energizes.

Tired? Want to cheer up quickly? Arrange an aromatherapy session. Essential oils of lemon and mandarin well stimulate the work. It is not necessary to go to the spa salon. Small aromatherapy session can be done even in the workplace.

Do not give in to temptation
You come home after a hard day's work ... and only desire to lie down on the sofa and do nothing. And here and there! Resist the temptation to accept a slightly cool or warm shower, put energetic music, cheer up a little and planned to finish the case. But before going to bed vyey herbal tea, read a good book and think about the wonderful day that will come tomorrow ... because you have so much strength and energy for it.


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