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Published : 7-04-2016, 20:54 | Category: STYLISH THINGS

Trendy styles long skirts - the controversial articles of clothing. Drop-down to the floor, flared and straight, with pleats and without. A variety of models textures of fabrics and colors allows you to select different options for creating a feminine image.

Long skirt. How to combine fashion trend?

Presented in a variety of stores allows you to select the most successful skirt to create a stylish and sleek look. At the same time a number of styles increases the chance of being in the ranks of the old-fashioned ladies. How to effectively wear a long skirt? What combine fashionable trend to casual was bright, and not impressed by negligence?

The main trend of the past fashion season went smoothly in the new, becoming not less fashionable and popular.
Correctly choose the style, color, and successfully combine the top and shoes can not please everyone. Given that the fashionistas have to choose from that the task is certainly more complicated. A long skirt can be sewn completely made of any material. Texture chiffon, natural cotton, synthetic fabrics or bright golden brocade, any long skirts - it is a call to the bohemian and chic, and for freedom of expression.
The contradictory attitude to long skirts to the floor because of the myth arose. For example, maxi skirts should be worn only by girls with model parameters. However, the long skirts easy to pick up for different types of shapes. Moreover, well-chosen thing is capable of favorably adjust the body lacks.

How to choose fashionable skirt?

When choosing the length of skirts stylists are advised to apply the principle of opposites. For example, the figure is considered an ideal type of direct straight cut skirts. Valid zautyuzhennye pleats and geometric lines. From fabrics choose cotton, corduroy, thick silk, jersey, brocade. Combine line skirt can be both fitting and voluminous top. If the skirt with prints, combine it with a solid color top. Conversely, long black skirts combine with bright blouses and jumpers. For form-fitting pieces fit skirt with an emphasis on the waist. The model can be narrowed to a bottom or flared. Valid flounces and frills. From fabrics suitable soft silk, chiffon, fine wool.

If you do not like it when through the long skirt will shine not only the slender legs of transparent chiffon, but also lingerie, try to wear a skirt with a long jumper. You can also choose the color leggings and shoes without heels. For example, wearing a long green skirt is best combined with a similar color leggings.

Long skirt - great for winter. No less attractive for the summer.
Ballet is best to choose a tall woman. If you have low growth, stop your choice on ankle boots or sandals with heels. To image was not overly theatrical, combines bright light fabrics with simpler. Lightweight long skirts look good with leather jackets and coats made of denim. Concise manner underlined with accessories. Wide or narrow belt, successfully picked up a hat or scarf - a stylish accent to your image. Flowing long skirts are incredibly feminine and perfect.
Variations are infinite sets. Warm winter long skirt or in the fall - the most practical option clothing. Long skirts of lung tissue - great for summer.
From what to wear a long skirt

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