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Published : 7-04-2016, 20:51 | Category: TREND FASHION

Often women, looking in the mirror, are dissatisfied with their appearance. Some are not satisfied with the hair, the other figure or clothing. Many people want to change their image, or at least to make small adjustments.

To begin with well thought out his new style. Take a sheet of paper and describe in detail all the nuances. To create a completely new image, which will be radically different from the former, not an easy task. But most of it and do not need women, enough to slightly change the style of clothing and cause hair in order. Most importantly, you should be comfortable in a new image.
Stay on top of fashion trends, see shows of famous designers and read fashion magazines. Just do not blindly imitate the fashion novelties, better to follow his style. Fashion - a thing changeable, trends change and go, but style is eternal. What is style? There is no single answer to this question. The style consists of many parts and the internal state of a person. But there is a golden rule of good style - better to be under - than overshoots.

Learn how to combine things. Do not be afraid to experiment with bright dresses. Before you go out, try the house a few clothing options, pick them shoes and accessories. Well, if your house has a large mirror, then you can appreciate the whole image as a whole. There is a famous expression of Sonia Rykiel: "Stand in the mirror one hour, two, four, day two, fifteen, a whole month - until you realize that you are, and what is not." Of course it is not necessary to spend all day in front of a mirror, but a few pre-fitting clothing options needed.

Just turn to the mirror, changing outfits enough. Pay attention to the details and things that highlight your strengths and hide figure flaws. Much depends on the proportions of the body. It is important that the silhouette was balanced. Determine your body type. There are several varieties of shapes: apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle. And what's right "pear" is absurd look at the "box." Find out what things are preferable to wear women, with your figure. But do not take everything literally, this is just a recommendation, trust yourself and improvise.

It is important to choose the color of clothing. A bad tone can visually add you a few years, or to make a vulgar dress, regardless of the quality and cut of things. In addition it is important to learn how to dress for a variety of activities. Strict classic suit - for work, jeans and bright top - for the parties, and an evening dress for a hike in the theater. These are the basics, your task is to choose the appropriate options for each individual case.

Accessories - your chief assistant in the creation of fashionable image. Jewelry, scarves, gloves, hats and bags can turn quite ordinary outfit into a work of art. As decoration, you can use an unusual and stylish jewelry, but on shoes and handbags is better not to save. Let you will have only two bags, but of excellent quality.

Remember that meet on clothes, and escorted her too. That is why it is so important to look good and be properly dressed, corresponding to the situation. Let not immediately, by trial and error, but you will find his own style, you will only have to try.

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Date: 08.04.17
Status: | Author: SHANEKA , Guests
Agnieszka - freelancerka, pasjonatka twardego i Kliknij zdecydowanego stylu życia, miłośniczka Warszawy, psów i kuchni roślinnej. LifeManagerka.pl to blog lifestylowy, którego tematem podstawowym jest szeroko pojęte, profesjonalne dysponowanie własnym własnym byciem. Zacząwszy od prawidłowego jedzenia oraz ciągłej prace seksualnej, poprzez rozwój swój, i zrobiwszy na częstych detalach, które odbywają swoje istnienie lepszym, wyrazistszym oraz lepszym.
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