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Published : 7-04-2016, 20:44 | Category: LIFESTYLE

Relationships between members of the same sex is not so often the subject of psychological research, which is increasingly interested in questions of intersexual communication. Men's friendships, as they think, a long and deep than the female. Women, after starting a family, pay to communicate with each other less time and may even completely lose their friends, with whom communicated before marriage.

On the relationship between the men is associated such a thing as "male friendship". It is believed that they would rather take the side of each other, than women, would not interrupt their friendship over time. And about women accepted to think the opposite - that the friends are such only as long as the case is not a man involved. Is it so?

According to psychologists about female friendship differ. They share the women's friendship for a few types of relationships. According to them, some women do not expect to be friends c similar, they are just using each other for personal gain. Other really become real friends, assist each other, as well as in the case of which advise what to do with these strange men, and how to understand them. The first case - fairly standard pattern of behavior in which people do not take a deep emotional connection. But the second model is worthy of a closer look.

The problem of friendship for many women is becoming a man. If one of them there is a permanent partner, she begins to pay less attention to his girlfriend. Men are more comfortable with the kind of behavior on the part of his friend, who was got a girlfriend. But women are very jealous girlfriend in matters of attention. Also, for many of them, a friendship with a woman is less important than the goal to create strong family. Therefore, as soon as she falls in love, and on the horizon, it appears a serious relationship, it becomes much more interesting with his chosen one, than with friends.

Very often, women fall or companies begin to gather much less when women marry. Many people believe that female friendship is secondary in comparison with the value of the family.

Friendship between women rarely really serious, based on mutual understanding. Most women only discuss the latest news, share experiences and discuss various issues. If they work together, then added to this professional interests and topics of conversation. The event, which is reflected in the TV series "Sex and the City", where four women had a strong friendship that each of them could easily be compared to family relationships, is quite rare.

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