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Published : 7-04-2016, 20:41 | Category: Career

We live in a society, every day willy nilly we have to communicate with people, interact with them to achieve certain goals. For communication to be effective and productive you need to know why a person enters anyway, as they can vary the interrelation between the different groups of people.

The study of the matter and is engaged in the psychology of communication and interpersonal relations.
Psychology of relationships quite a complex science, because can not identify any clear patterns in communication between people. Each person is different and their behavior in the community caused by many factors. On the way he behaves with other people affected by age, sex, character, temperament, race, social status, and more.

But there are principles by which we understand the world, and surrounds himself with people. These mechanisms play an important role in the construction of communication.

The first step in any relationship is the knowledge of the other person and myself next to him. This is achieved by means of several mechanisms. For example, we relate and associate themselves, their own experience with other people, see how one person behaves in different situations, and then compare it with the behavior of their actions in similar circumstances.

Sometimes, in order to better understand the man we put ourselves in his place, thus trying to understand the reasons and motives of his actions. An important factor in any dialogue is an emotional component. The ability to understand the mood of the other person, and if necessary, adjust to his senses, can greatly facilitate the process of communication. If you can do this, then the relationship becomes deeper, more intuitive to both parties. It may even establish friendly relationship.

After the step of recognition of people interact, while it may have a different character. There may be a competitive relationship, if people have some common area of ​​interest and each of them wants to be her best. People can compete for any reason, for example, because you like girls or because of the positions at work, etc. In the most severe cases of competition, when none of the parties does not want to give the other, a conflict may occur.

Relationships can be built on the union and cooperation of two or more people. Such interactions arise when people have some common goal or objective, but their effects do not intersect with the sphere, ie there is no reason for the emergence of competition.

Sometimes the relationship is based on the fact that people are just nice to each other, it is interesting to communicate, spend time together. The unifying factor in this situation may be common interests, hobbies, similar characters, the same outlook, etc.

It should be noted that the type of relationship with one particular person may change throughout the dating period. Today people are rivals to each other, and tomorrow they are already on friendly terms. Sometimes it can be quite complex cases, when people from one side to compete with each other, but in parallel they are able to build friendships.

This proves once again, that the psychology of personal relationships rather complex science in which there are many nuances and pitfalls. But if you understand the basic principles of relations, communication with other people will be more pleasant and positive.


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