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Published : 7-04-2016, 20:38 | Category: Career

Work in the women's team is calm and sizes. However, the relationships are quite ambiguous, as is often difficult to understand - Do not hide the illusion of friendliness secret pitfalls. It also is one of the reasons for the difficulties of career growth in such conditions.

Those who only come to a new place of work, of course, is to develop and improve not only the practical skills that are associated with the profession. After all, since the work is usually collective - will need to establish a good relationship with the staff. In order to build up its position behavior, the first time is unobtrusive as possible, and watch carefully for the team, as well as the way in which the authorities is related to one or another people. From the very first days of work in the women's team need to learn a few golden rules, prohibitions:
- Not to engage in conspiracies against colleagues and gossip;
- Not to discuss in detail unnecessary privacy;
- Not to attract too much attention for its costumes and fantasy makeup.
For example, if you look closely, one of the most discussed topics in the women's team is exactly what someone is dressed and made up like one. In order not to become an object of envy and ridicule, you must try to find the golden mean and constantly stick to it: it is not necessary to dress for a job as a club party, or if you - the top model, which in a moment it will be necessary to defile the catwalk. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to abandon the other extreme, in the form of old blouses and stretch jeans.

Nor should arouse envy in colleagues and irritated, constantly talking in detail about their romantic relationship, a loved one, and its merits, as well as that for your sake he is ready for anything. So you'll only be in vain play on the feelings of employees, as is likely, not all of them can boast of a similar situation in relations with the opposite sex. As a result, all may end up with envy and bitterness in your address.

Not rare are also situations when some employees try to adjust to each other against others on the grounds that good intentions or if sincere offense at the "wrong" behavior on their part. In such situations, to preserve a good relationship, you should definitely stick to neutrality, openly supporting either side.

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